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Immutable X Token Price (Dec) Prediction & How To Buy!

Immutable X Token Price has tried to provide relevant information about IMX coins and hopes it will help people better understand this currency.

The demand for NFTs is seeing a new high in 2021 as its sale rose from $13.7 million in the first half of 2020 to $2.5 billion in two quarters of 2021 worldwide. Non-fungible tokens are here two unlock the values of arts, music collection, trophies, and many more.

A new token that is attracting investors is immutable; therefore, let’s discuss Immutable X Token Price and information related to this currency. During its initial sale, only 3.5 percent of registered people were able to get this coin.

What is Immutable Cryptocurrency? 

Immutable X is Australia based protocol build on the Ethereum platform to facilitate successful completion of the NFTs project. It gives developers the platform to complete their projects without compromising on security and liquidity issues, which are shortcomings of the Ethereum Network.

It aims to partner with gaming companies and help them monetize their assets securely and efficiently. Some of the essential features of this platform, according to the Immutable X Token Price post, is listed below:

  • Immutable x offers the best user experience with zero gas fees, quick trade, and higher liquidity.
  • It allows a greater number of transactions without compromising on the security of assets.
  • It allows the developer to build NFTS based games, decentralized apps, and a marketplace in lesser time with the help of its system. 

Who is the Founder of Immutable Coin?

James Fergusson and Robbie Fergusson are co-founders of immutable, while the member looking after this gaming and blockchain project are CEO Uri Kolodny and Game Director Chris Clay. James and Robbie are known for their technical skills in Tech and crypto industry.

Immutable X Token Price, Supply, Market Cap, and Other Data:

The fixed sale price of this token was $10 and $15 in its ICO on the 8th and 14th of September 2021. The sale was made through two options, and there was a total token supply of 400,000 for chance one sale while 600,000 for option two sales.

The total token supply in the market for allocation will be 20,000,000 IMX, and it will be distributed ecosystem development, project, private and public sale. Some facts about this token are listed below:

  • Supply for sale : 400,000 option 1, 600,000 option 2
  • Immutable X Token Price during IOC: $ 10 Option 1, $15 option 2
  • Total supply for market allocation: 20,00,000
  • Market cap: not available.

Immutable Crypto Price Prediction:

There is not much data available on the future price of immutable X coin as currency sold in during IOC ARE for the lock-in period,

How to buy immutable X Coin?

According to the information given on the company’s website, both the sale under options 1 and 2 are entirely sold out. Most of the people who registered for this sale were not able to get the token. Some of the facts related to its sale are listed below:

  • For sale option 1 of Immutable X Token Price, a six-month linear sale starts on 19th October 2021.
  • Sale option 2 three months linear sale will begin on 9th October 2021.
  • The currency in which this coin can be purchased is USDC, ETH, BTH, and USDT.
  • People will need to register on the Coin list exchange and fill their KYC.
  • They can connect their wallet with exchange and swap IMX coin for given ETH etc.


  • What is the website for Immutable X coin?
  • The official website for this coin is https://immutable.com
  • The exchange on which this token is available?
  • The coin can be purchased from https://coinlist.co. 

Final verdict: 

Immutable X Token Price believes that it is an excellent opportunity for investors and gamers to invest in this crypto a fter doing proper research. There are many other ways to earn immutable coins; please explore them well for your benefit.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can share their thought on immutable X coin prospects in the market in the comment section below.

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