Imana Cares Fraud {May} Here’s What You Need To Know!

Imana Cares Fraud 2021

Imana Cares Fraud {May} Here’s What You Need To Know!>> Get to know about the legitimacy of an organization that receives donations and claims to provide medical supplies.

Do you want to know about an organization that claims to help out people combating oxygen shortage during the COVID19 outbreak? Many people are asking questions like is Imana Cared fraud, as they want to know about the trustworthiness of this organization.

All over India, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, people are putting in the effort to deal with the ongoing pandemic.

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About Imana Cares

Imana stands for Islamic Medical Association of North America. The organization is involved with the procurement of medical supplies. As per the info available online, this organization was founded in 1967.

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Is Imana Cares Fraud?

As there are plenty of fraudulent organizations trying to lure in the general public, it is extremely important to be certain of an organization’s legitimacy before donating to it.

Now that you have a brief idea about Imana let’s inform you what Imana Cares is all about. It is the name of the organization’s Instagram page.

After a few reports started circulating online about an organization that sent help in the form of an oxygen cylinder, people started enquiring about the NGO.

Due to the presence of many negative posts, the NGO appears to be suspicious. Read on as we list down certain key details about the organization in this informative Imana Cares Fraud post.

Things to know about Imana Cares:

  • On the Instagram page, the organization shares the total amount of money it has raised for fighting the shortage of oxygen and other medical supplies affecting the Covid19 patients.
  • The account has over 40k followers on Instagram, and the account regularly shares posts informing the followers about the activities that the organization indulges in.
  • The account claims that they have collected crores of rupees till date.
  • The NGO operates on the foundation of faith/religion.

What are others saying about it?

The question is Imana Cares Fraud arises as there are many posts online claiming that the NGO is not legit. There is a video on that has garnered many views. Aside from that, there are many articles online saying that the organization is suspicious.

Despite having an impressive following on social media accounts, the lack of info about the NGO makes it appear in a bad light. A majority of the posts are negative that further makes us believe that Imana Care could be a fraudulent organization. For more info, check out here.

Concluding remarks

The Imana Cares fraud post provides essential info about the NGO that is attracting a lot of attention. After research, we think that the organization may not be genuine.

It is highly recommended for people to be safe while donating to organizations.

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