Imana Cares Fraud 2021

Imana Cares Fraud (June) Let Us Know Everything Here!

Imana Cares Fraud (June) Let Us Know Everything Here! >> The below guide helps you to know about a community that has saved so many lives. Please read the post to know more.

In today’s post, we discuss a charity organization that works to promote health and control diseases. Imana is one of the leading groups in North America that provide health assistance in India, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Suppose your search on Imana Cares Fraud led you here. Then please stay tuned with us till the end; you have reached the right place. So let us get started with the details.

What is Imana?

The Islamic Medical Association of North America, popularly known as “IMANA,” is considered as one of the world’s biggest medical teams. 

The biggest Muslim medical community was established in 1967. And this non-profit organization’s main goal is to offer a panel and deep pockets for physicians and health care efficiency. The headquarters of Imana is located in Lombard, Illinois currently.

Imana’s Great Work

Many are talking about Imana Cares Fraud, to know you need to read the complete article:

  • Till now, Imana has served 2.5 million patients across 34 countries.
  • It has over 90 emergency medical response teams.
  • Completed 153 surgical & medical missions.
  • Total of 30 health care centers has been put up.
  • Over 1 million people assisted by humanitarian aid.
  • Imana had immediately responded to any natural disaster and helped millions when they were in need. Let us explore more on this.

Imana Cares Fraud: Is Imana a Legit Portal?

  • As per the official website, Imana is founded in 1967.
  • As per our research, the Imana site’s domain creation date is obtained as1997-07-23.
  • Imana business site has a ranking of 58.1 out of 100; it is an average number.
  • When searched for the trust index, we got a 93% trust index which is an excellent number.
  • Customer reviews are mixed.
  • Considering both negative and positive points, we cannot judge its legitimacy and Imana Cares Fraud as of now, so we suggest you carry out further research from your end and then decide.

Customer Reviews

Many are giving it a happy review; one of the donors says –”I have been impressed by the Imana work; their specialized quality care is remarkable, I’m proud to support this organization.”

Another said –”Imana is a non-profit organization; love what they are doing, and also thank you for helping the globe.”

Whereas some critics over the internet give it a mixed opinion, unfortunately, we cannot evaluate the truth at this moment. But, overall, Imana has mixed reviews. 

Imana Cares Fraud – End Note

An organization whose main aim is disease prevention, health maintenance, and promoting good health with professional medical ethics through health programs and endorsement. It is doing an excellent job for a better tomorrow. If you would like to see more details about IMANA, then please click the link here.

What is your opinion about Imana? Please do share your words with us in the comments section below.

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