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Ilhados Com A Sogra Participantes: Explore Complete Information On Show Bear Grylls

Check out Ilhados com a Sogra Participantes, Bear Grylls and know every detail of the ongoing brand-new show on Netflix.

Are you interested in reality shows running on Netflix? Do you know about one of the interesting shows, Ilhados com a Sogra? What is so special in the show, and what people of Brazil can expect from the series? Let us discuss all through Ilhados com a Sogra Participantes.

Who are Ilhados com a Sogra Participantes?

A new unique show, Ilhados com a Sogra, has been running on Netflix on October 9. If you are interested in this reality show, you must want to know about the participants. Let us see them one by one.

Nery family:

Francine and Rodrigo, who both operate a company that provides surfing lessons, enter with Maria Eliane Ribeiro Nery, the participant’s mother.

Donatti family:

In the family, the couple Ana Luiza Tonolli, an influencer, and Antonio Donatti, a project manager, enter the home with Antonio’s mother, Cris Donatti.

Meanwhile, Ilhados Com Bear Grylls is another search associated with the reality show. However, it was a different show that ran six seasons and forty-four episodes from 2014 to 2019. 

Dunker family:

The Dunker family is made up of a couple, Thiago and Silvia, and Thiago’s mother, Márcia Regina.

Family Tenorio:

The couple, Mayara Tenório and Thy Cesar entered the home with the girl’s mother, Severina. They promise to add loads of laughs to this program. 

Family Sassone:

The couple, Felipe and Vini, are other participants in the reality program, which also stars Maria do Socorro.

Castro family:

The final Ilhados com a Sogra Participantes are Rodrigo and his wife Thais and Rodgrigo’s mother, Rogéria.

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What is the show Ilhados com a Sogra about?

While describing the participant, you must be wondering why we are talking about the family. That is the real twist of the show where it is not only about the couple but also their mother. Islanded with Mother-in-law is a new concept Brazilian reality show where son-in-law and daughter-in-law are on a unique mission competing for $500000. Initially, when the couple entered the show, they thought it was a usual reality show but later were surprised when their mother-in-law joined them.

The first four Ilhados com a Sogra Participantes episodes of this season are out on Netflix with the original name Stranded with my mother-in-law. The second part of the show will be released on the 16th of this month.

Bear Grylls Ilhados Com

The Island with Bear Grylls is a popular show that premiered on May 5, 2014, and ran five seasons and one spinoff series. The sixth season was renamed Treasure Island with Bear Grylls. It is a British reality show narrated by Bear Grylls where participants land on an Island to test their survival skills. Ilhados Com Bear Grylls first series ran in 2014 on a single Island, and the second season ran in 2015 on two islands. The third series run in 2016, the fourth series in 2017, and the fifth series in 2018. The spinoff series will run in 2019. The next series was planned but obstructed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The recent reality show Ilhados com a Sogra is making a highlight on the internet with the release of its first four episodes. It is presented by Fernanda Souza. We have introduced Ilhados com a Sogra Participantes through this post and hope you like it. You can check the trailers of IIhados com a Sogra.

Do you want to know about any other reality show? Let us know in the comment section.

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