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Ila Coin Price {Dec 2021} Chart, Supply, How To Buy?

This article describes a crypto token platform that provides a platform to support various crypto projects and NFTs. Read about Ila Coin Price.

Are you interested in investing in crypto tokens based on the fundraising platform for NFTs are other budding projects? If yes, you are at the right article to know more about this topic.

NFT enthusiasts, artists and several other crypto project developers are interested as this project provide a massive opportunity for the crypto and NFT community to a greater level. This platform helps to interact with developers and creators Worldwide and help them find a potential investor for their project. Read more about Ila Coin Price.

About Infinite Launch (ILA)

Infinite Launch was developed to provide a convenient and decentralized platform with a stage to showcase developer’s project or work and find suitable funding from investors. The technology used in this platform is Binance Smart Chain (BSC), as it provides cross-chain compatibility, consensus and scalability.

The other major notable features provided by this platform is multi-chain support, immune to risky rug-pulls to avoid a huge loss to the investor’s capital, Game-fi facility to give more opportunities for the gaming community. It also uses KYC registration for safe and secured transactions, governance model and NFT marketplace that enables NFT artists to sell their valuable art.

Ila Coin Price

  • The initial listing price of the token, according to the official whitepaper, was $0.015. The current market price rose from the initial price by more than 3000%. Now the current market price of the coin is $0.479011.
  • Ila is a utility and deflationary token from the Infinite launch ecosystem with a maximum token supply of one billion.
  • 2% of the transaction is for NFT rewards, and 1% of the equivalent token is burnt.
  • The price for seed sale, private sale and public sale is $0.0050, $0.010 and $0.015, respectively.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Ila Coin Price: $0.479011
  • Initial Market Cap: $547,500
  • Trading Volume: $30,374,542
  • Listing Circulating Supply: 36,500,000
  • 24h Low: $0.374813  
  • 24h High: $0.529768
  • ATH: $0.529768
  • ATL: $0.374813
  • 24 Hour Trading Vol: $30,374,542
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Founders and Team

  • Robert Hoang is the head of UI/UX.
  • David Nguyen manages the blockchain team and is the head of products.
  • Nghia Hoang is the Technology Development Manager.
  • Shang Chi is the Senior Front-End Developer.
  • Bang Mai is the Marketing Director.
  • Hieu Nguyen is the Marketing Manager.
  • Henry Van is the Growth Director.
  • Kinpai Vo is the Growth Manager. Understand more about Ila Coin Price.
  • The Community Managers are Tra Nguyen and Quynh Phan.
  • The Partnership Managers are Khanh Do and Mylo Vo.
  • Huy Huynh is the Senior Graphic Design.
  • The major advisors are VB Ventures, Ash WSB and Larry Shi.

Where to Buy Ila Coins?

  • Ila coins can be purchased using the KuCoin platform.
  • Visit the official website of KuCoin.
  • Create an account by providing basic information.
  • Then complete the two-step verification process.
  • Submit your KYC details for further verification of the user’s identity.
  • Login using KuCoin credentials. 
  • Load your KuCoin wallet with Fiat currencies.
  • Use these fiat currencies to purchase USDT. Know about Ila Coin Price.
  • Trade the available USDT with ILA. 
  • After completing this process, the user’s spot wallet will be credited with an Ila coin equivalent to the traded USDT.


Q1: Is this token listed on the CoinGecko platform? 

A1: Yes, this token is listed on the CoinGecko platform.

Q2: What is the official website for the Ila coin?

A2: The official website for Ila coin is https://infinitelaunch.io.


A platform that provides good support to NFTs and valuable projects strengthens the crypto community to a great extent. To know more about this topic, please visit  

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