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{Full Watch} IIT Bhu Viral Video On Telegram: What Happened on Campus? Details On Molestation Case

Check the IIT Bhu Viral Video on TelegramWhat Happened in the Molestation Case, recent updates, and more.

What happened on the IIT BHU campus? Why are students protesting? The news is making headlines in Canada, the United States, and India, and they are demanding a safe environment for the students. Let us check the IIT Bhu Viral Video on Telegram here.

What is in the IIT Bhu Viral Video on Telegram?

A video of the shameful act of one of the students of IIT-BHU is shared on the internet and is viral now. The incident was recorded on Wednesday night, and the following day, a protest started by hundreds of students on campus. The matter is about the security of students. A student registered a complaint where she claimed three unidentified outsiders stopped her and cuddled her forcibly. As this news broke, the protest started at the IIT-BHU campus.

What is the IIT Bhu Molestation Case?

According to the registered police report, a woman reported that when she was with one of her friends near Gandhi Smriti Hostel, three people on the bike approached them. Afterward, she mentioned that forcibly, they took her side and cuddled her while shutting her mouth and asking her to take off her clothes. She tried to shout for help, but they threatened to harm her. They recorded the whole incident and let her go after 10-15 minutes. Lanka police acted and launched the IIT Bhu Molestation Case against those men under IPC section 354B and 506 of the Indian penal code.

Student protests and arrests made:

Following this incident, the institute administration decided to keep all the barricades at the campus closed from 10 pm to 5 am to ensure a safe environment for campus students. Meanwhile, the student union president also demanded night barricading and restricting the outsider’s entry into the campus. They demanded a centralized CCTV system and prompt action against offenders. A joint committee of CPWD and IIT BHU professors decided to work on the funding approval from the government for the boundary. Also, the Police ordered to install the CCTV cameras at the earliest.  

After What Happened in IIT Bhu and the satisfactory response from the authorities, students called off the protest. They have been assured they see progress in this case in a week. Varanasi police commissioner said they are working to make the arrest as early as possible.

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It is not the first time such a case has happened in BHU:

As per sources, it is the right time to inform you that such incident with students has become common in the BHU campus. As per sources, the exploitation case has happened many times before, and protests happened every time. But this time, the administration is expected to take the strictest action after What Happened in IIT Bhu.

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The incident of Wednesday night on the campus of IIT BHU has shaken the entire nation. Students and professors gathered in the institute to protest against the issue. The women’s safety, arrest, and barricading on the campus are the significant concerns of the protestors. You can check the viral news of the IIT BHU case here.

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Disclaimer: The news here contains sensitive information and is written after analyzing the current updates.

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