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Iheartmemphis Arrested , What Is The Arrest About & Who is Iheartmemphis Gf? “Hit The Quan” Rapper Charges!

This article tells the readers about the famous rapper Iheartmemphis and gives some crucial information on the Iheartmemphis Arrested situation.

Did you check out the headlines regarding the famous ‘Hit The Quan’ rapper Iheartmemphis? The news has been spreading Worldwide and on every social media platform that Iheartmemphis got arrested in Miami. 

If you want to know everything regarding the case and why Iheartmemphis Arrested, read this article until the end. It will tell you every topic related and clear the doubts of many fans from different countries. So, let’s get started. 


Who is IheartMemphis?

Iheartmemphis is a stage name for rapper Maurice Colbert, born on March 29th, 1993. He is also known for Ilovememphis in many places as he belongs to the place called Memphis, which is situated in Tennessee.

He made his debut in the industry with the ‘Hit The Quan’ song, which was surprisingly loved by his fans Worldwide. The song was trending on the billboard for a long time and since then, the fans wants another hit track from Iheartmemphis or Ilovememphis. 

Iheartmemphis Arrested

When you know about Iheartmemphis, you will find out that he has been arrested several times during the peak of his career. He was charged in July 2015 for taking advantage of a lady with his colleagues who were intoxicated then. This situation happened in Memphis. 

Maurice faced the charge along with two other people. However, during the trial, the charges and the case were closed because of the lack of evidence, and the DNA reports didn’t match Colbert. It’s not the last time Iheartmemphis Arrested, as many other incidents happen.

There’s one incident in Miami where he and other party mates were throwing bottles from the party places to the passing cars. As per the police reports, when the police arrived at the scene, Iheartmemphis was drunk and were not in his senses. 

The police asked many times to identify himself, but when he could not answer the questions, the police waited no more and took him into custody. He was arrested for disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest. 

Who is IHeartmemphis GF?

After knowing about the Iheartmemphis Arrested reasons, let’s find out about his love life. As per the reports and research, Iheartmemphis GF is Chloee, a famous TikTok star, and content producer. She has many followers on her social media account and is known as the rapper’s girlfriend. 

She gained followers on her social media and TikTok platform by making content videos like dance videos, lip-syncing videos, and parodies of well-known and famous scenes. They are in a tight relationship, as you can check both social media posts. 

The username of Chloee on TikTok and Twitter is Heluvcoco, and it’s obvious that she knows about all the Iheartmemphis Arrested, and they are still together for a long time. 

Iheartmemphis Age

By looking at the Iheartmemphis, it is hard to determine the actual age of the rapper. Age tells about the maturity of the artist, and everyone predicted Iheartmemphis age, and now it’s time to see whether your predictions are on point or not. 

The Iheartmemphis age is 29 years old as of 2022. Once we get more information about his personal life and anything necessary for the readers, we will update the information accordingly. The news of the Iheartmemphis Arrested was in the limelight for some time as he often got into trouble. 

He started his career as a rapper, and his first hit song, Hit The Quan, was in the top 100 billboards, placing 15th. The dance moves in the music video “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)” was made public in 2015 and gained popularity in a few days. 

Iheartmemphis Networth

Everyone wants to know the net worth of their favorite celebrity, and if we talk about Iheartmemphis, his net worth is around $ 11 million as of 2022. The network includes everything like his salary, expenses, shows, and others. Despite Iheartmemphis Arrested, the artist is earning millions.

It is because of the talent that Iheartmemphis got in the rapping industry and the activities in the prime of this career and other skills. However, the net worth of any artist doesn’t remain the same as it goes up and down. 

However, if there is any change in the net worth of Iheartmemphis, we will update it instantly for our readers. There are chances that Iheartmemphis has started investing his money in another project to get a better return and to improve his net worth. 

Although, the Iheartmemphis Arrested impacted his net worth both directly and indirectly. Let’s see how the artist gets back in the race and improves his net worth. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 – What’s the name of Iheartmemphis’s girlfriend? 

The Iheartmemphis girlfriend’s name is Chloee her username on TikTok and Twitter is Heluvcoco. 

2 – Where was Iheartmemphis born and brought up?

Iheartmemphis was born in Memphis, Tennessee, where he started his career as a rapper. 

3 – When was the first time Iheartmemphis got arrested?

The first time Iheartmemphis Arrested was in 2015 when they were accused of taking advantage of a young girl who’s been heavily intoxicated. Iheartmemphis and several other culprits were arrested, but they got bailed out as the police couldn’t find any evidence that links to the Iheartmemphis. 

4 – What’s the present age of Iheartmemphis, and how did he get into the limelight?

Present age of Iheartmemphis is 29 years old, and he got into the limelight with his first song, ‘Hit The Quan,’ which was based on a popular dance by Rich Homie Quan. 

5 – What’s the actual name of Iheartmemphis?

The real name of Iheartmemphis is Richard Maurice Colbert.


With every piece of information present about the Iheartmemphis Arrested, it is clear that the artist has their ups and downs in life. Although, with many obstacles, Iheartmemphis is still loved by his fans, and everyone is waiting for his new album to drop soon. 

Which song of Iheartmemphis is your favorite? Please share your answer in our comment box. 

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