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Ihc Coin Mongolia {Nov} Price, Chart, Contract Address

This article describes a DeFi based cryptocurrency that functions on projects to hedge against inflation and protect normal people. Read on Ihc Coin Mongolia.

Are you someone who is observing the blockchain technology-based projects taking place with the help of cryptocurrencies? If yes, you might have come across the new cryptocurrency developed to beat inflation using DeFi and blockchain technology.

Investors and traders from Mongolia and the United States are looking into this project with high expectations as the historical inception has destroyed the wealth of their previous generations and left them in a bad financial situation. Read this article completely to understand more about Ihc Coin Mongolia.

About Inflation Hedging Coin

IHC cryptocurrency that focuses on decentralized finance. This initiative was started to use the power of the cryptocurrency in future financial activities to help the common people attain more benefit from the blockchain technology by avoiding the middleman present in financial activities.

The main objective of this coin is to have a hedge against inflation so that the people can have a better financial condition by applying the decentralized solution to reduce the impact of inflation. This process combined will tackle the economic issues and empower common people.

Ihc Coin Mongolia

  • IHC token is made to make finance simpler and more profitable for the common people who the middlemen in the financial sector are exploiting.
  • When a transaction happens, IHC collects a small fee from the seller and buyer and is distributed among the investors as tokens.
  • Initially, one trillion tokens are being supplied for this cryptocurrency project.
  • Experts create this token from various fields like capital market, cryptocurrency spaces etc.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price: $0.002034
  • Market Cap: Not available
  • Trading volume: $766,053
  • Transparent Volume: $766,052, Almost all trading volumes are transparent.
  • Contract Address of Ihc Coin Mongolia is: 0x86a53fcd199212fea44fa7e16eb1f28812be911d

Founders and Investors

  • Gantig Bayarmagnai is the CEO of IHC.
  • Munkh-Erdene Burenjargal is the CTO.
  • Ider-Od Bat-Erdene is the CMO.
  • Munkhjin Otgonbaatar is the CFO.
  • Erkhembayar Bayarsaikhan is the CIO
  • Apart from the founders and team IHC has a advisory panel consisting of  Unenburen Ulziiburen, Saadiq F. El-Amin III, Mark Abeshouse, Asiad Majeed, Stephen Chen, Josh Johnson, Gabit Bazar, Enkhjavkhlan Tsogtbaatar and Batkhishig Shonkhor.

Where to Buy it?

  • IHC tokens are available from PancakeSwap V2 and ApeSwap(BSC) at the buyer’s convenience.
  • The coin’s value varies according to the current market price and the supply and demand of the Ihc Coin Mongolia.
  • Enough balance should be available in the wallet before confirming the purchase so that the order doesn’t get cancelled.
  • Investors and traders should have a trusted wallet account to place a buy order successfully.


Q1: Can the investor stake in the IHC token?

A1: Yes, the investor can stake a fixed token for a specified period and gain the staking benefits. The interest received from staking depends on the type of stake selected and the duration of the stake. Investors can gain a lot by staking frequently.

Q2: What makes this Ihc Coin Mongolia different from the traditional currency?

A2: In the case of traditional currency transactions, a third-party service is always required, and they get paid from both the sender and receiver. With the introduction of blockchain technology, these third-party companies are removed from the transaction process, making the transaction faster and cheap.


Inflation is one of the most commonwealth destructors, and new ways are explored to beat inflation in the long term. To know more on this topic, please visit this link.  

Have you tried to invest in any cryptocurrencies that are similar to Ihc Coin Mongolia? If yes, what features impress you to invest? Comment below for your valuable opinion.

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