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Idex Crypto {Sep} Chart, How to Buy? Contract Address

If you are in seek of learning more about Idex Crypto and willing to invest in this cryptocurrency so you must read today’s crypto article thoroughly.

Did you know about the cryptocurrency IDEX? Do you have any interest in knowing what kind of cryptocurrency this is? If yes, you must stay connected to learn more about this cryptocurrency as it is famous Worldwide

If you have an interest in cryptocurrency and want to know more about what is Idex Crypto,Then stay connected with today’s crypto article to get more justified information. 

What is Idex? 

IDEX is a new cryptocurrency that is being operated on the Etherium platform with the current supply is near about 1 000, 000,000 Out of those 590, 919, 396.3117803 is currently in circulation. But as we say for this cryptocurrency, the price is presently rising within a cost of 185.15% gradually. 

Currently, it is at its highest point, and there are chances that it will grow more in a short span of time with an explosive turn of events. All the above information was about Idex Crypto. 

Who was the founder of IDEX?

Alex Wearn is the person who introduced IDEX to Gun on the 24th of November 2020 and was officially the CEO of IDEX token. His motive was to bring the original DEX player of Blockchain to the platform of Etherium. 

This Stoke and became immensely popular in a very less amount of time and is gradually increasing its price by 195%, which is proliferating. If you are still connected with us and want to know more about this currency, then read the following data. 

Idex Crypto and tokenomics. 

  • Price of IDEX:-$0.4698. 
  • Change in price in 24 hours:- The price has increased by 169.76% and become $0.2719. 
  • Market rank:-#257. 
  • Market cap:-6
  • Trading volume:-$1, 665, 693, 879.91
  • 30 D low/30 D high:- $0.05994/$0.4755 
  • all time high:- $0.4755
  • All-time low:-$0.008559
  • total supply:-1, 000, 000,000
  • Fully diluted market cap:- $469,831,994.67. 

How does the transaction fees Vary in IDEX token? 

As this token is expanding quite frequently, there are plenty of investors who find their interest seeking into this token. But unfortunately, we only have the information about the price and other details of this token but nothing about the transaction fees of Idex Crypto. So we do not have any information about the variation of transaction fees in the IDEX token. 

How to purchase IDEX? 

Below mentioned are some steps to purchase an IDEX token. 

  • First, we need to create an account on trust wallet. 
  • After that, we need to fill in all the bank details so that the wallet must get linked to our bank directly. 
  • As the wallet is linked with our bank, we can search for IDEX token in the search option interest wallet. 
  • The moment our research is completed, click on the token and select the desired amount that you want to purchase for Idex Crypto. 
  • Then click on purchase and pay the desired amount. 
  • Once the payment is made, you will soon find that the token has been credited to your trust wallet account. 

Some FAQs asked for this token? 

Q1.) What are the chances of this token increasing in the future? 

Ans.) There are higher possibilities because, as we see how it is increasing at 182.68%, which is relatively high.  

Q2.) What is the current price of I DEX in USD?

Ans.) Currently, One I DEX is USD0.45. 


Conclusion is based on Idex Crypto. It Is about the price and other details. However, we can say that this token can have a pretty high chance of increasing in the future, so you can think of investing in it at your own risk after doing some significant research. 

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