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Idaho Murder House Layout: Curious To Fetch Address & Timeline? Know All Mystery Facts Here!

To witness the virtual view of the Idaho Murder House Layout and the current updates on the mystery killing, read the article.

How did the Idaho University Students die? Who killed them? Where did the murder occur? Want details on the murder house layout of Idaho? How far was the investigation reached? We will discuss all the related questions of the Idaho murder case in this article.

So, please stay connected with us till the end to know the current updates and the murder house layout of the Worldwide trending news.Give a quick read to know the Idaho Murder House Layout now.

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Details on the layout of the Idaho murder house!

A mysterious murder took place on 13th November 2022 at midnight. Four Idaho university students were murdered that night. The Idaho murder house has six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and one backdoor, according to the findings of various sources.

 It’s a tri-level house, and the bedrooms and bathrooms are spread over the three floors, each with one bathroom and two bedrooms. We mentioned the social media links below.

What is the Idaho Murder House Address?

The address for the Idaho murder house is 112 King Road, Moscow, Idaho. A user on Twitter shared the 360-degree dimensional view of the murder house. The user shared the virtual view of the Idaho murder house and showed the images of the other rooms as well.

Check Idaho murder wiki details!

Real Name Idaho University student Murder case.
Murder Location Moscow, Idaho, US.
Attack details Mass killing & stabbing.
No.of Death Four students.
Date 13/11/2022.
Time 3:00 to 4.00 (PST).
Accused Bryan Christopher Kohberger.

Know the Idaho Murder Timeline!

  • 1:45 a.m. – XanaKernodile and Ethan Chapin, two victims, went back to the off-campus house.
  • 1:56 a.m. – The other two victims, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Gonclaves returned to their house.
  • 2:47 a.m. – The suspect, Bryan Kohberger, took a short drive from Idaho University to Moscow. 
  • 2:53 a.m. – A white Hyundai Elantra belonging to Kohbergertraveled between Pullman and Moscow.
  • 4 a.m. – XanaKernodle, a victim, receives a DoorDash delivery which awakens another house occupant downstairs.
  • 4:04 a.m. – The Hyundai Elantra returned near the murder house for the fourth time.

More DetailsForIdaho Murder House Layout Murder Timeline!

  • 4:12 a.m.- The downstairs roommate hears crying sounds from Kernodle’s room.
  • 4:17 a.m.- The roommate opens her door and witnesses a man in a mask and black clothing.
  • 4:20 a.m.– The white Hyundai Elantra leaves the neighborhood at high speed.

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According to the latest reports, the police officers are cleaning the house. The recent video shares the cleaning process of the Idaho murder house

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Idaho Murder House Layout– FAQs

Q1. Who was the killer in the Idaho murder mystery?

The sources claim that the suspected murderer is Bryan Kohberger.

Q2. Which school does Bryan Kohberger attend?

He attends Washington University.

Q3. What does Kohberger pursue at Washington University?

He is a Ph.D. student at the University.

Q4. Who was killed in the Idaho murder?

Four students, Madison Mogen, 21 years; Ethan Chapin, 20 years; Kaylee Gonclave, 21 years; and XanaKernodle, 20 years, were killed in the murder.

Q5. What do the autopsy reports of the Idaho students reveal?

The autopsy reports state that the students were stabbed to death.

Q6. Is the Idaho murder mystery solved?

The sources claim that the police officials suspect Bryan Kohberger of the murder.

Q7. Is the Idaho murder house again available for rent?

Yes, the house is again up for rent as the cleaning of the crime scene took place recently.

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