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Idaho Murder Crime Scene Pictures: Is 1122 king rd moscow idaho floorplan Photos Found? Know Facts Here!

To witness the Idaho Murder Crime Scene Pictures and to know the name of the murderer, read the article until the finish.

Do you want to witness the crime scene pictures of the Idaho murder case? What do the latest reports from the crime scene say? Who murdered the Idaho University students? These questions are undoubtedly suffering all over the internet after the Idaho murder mystery occurred.

To know the latest updates of the trending news, mostly in the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom, read through the article until the finish.Also, find the Idaho Murder Crime Scene Pictures here.


Disclaimer-The details on the Idaho murder and its related crime scene is present here. We don’t promote any aggressive and explicit content through our write-ups.

Details on the Idaho murder crime scenes!

According to the sources, some new photos circulated from the Idaho murder crime scene. Further evidence came from the police. The police officer found handprints beside the window of the doomed murder house. The handprints were tapped as evidence in the Idaho mysterious murder case.

The murderer killed the Idaho university students with the help of a Knife blade. We provide the detailed social media links below.

Check the Idaho Crime Scene Photos!

The Idaho murder occurs in an apartment; the address for the murder house is 1122 king road, Moscow, Idaho. The murder happened in a three-tier place, and interested people can find the relevant crime scene pics attached.

Find out Idaho Murder Wiki!

Here the interested person can identify the murder details through the table shared below.

Name Idaho Murder case.
Murder House Address 1122 king road, Moscow, Idaho.
Murder Location Moscow, Idaho, US.
Attack Mass kill & stabbing.
No.of Death Four students.
Date 13/11/2022.
Time 3:00 to 4.00 a.m. (Midnight).
Accused Bryan Christopher Kohberger.
Suspect Age 28 years.

Know the 1122 king rdmoscowidaho floorplan!

The floorplan of the Idaho murder house shows it’s a three-story house with six bedrooms and three bathrooms. One bathroom is located in each story, along with two other rooms.A Reddit user posted pictures of the 1122 King Road, Moscow, the murder house floor-plan.

Who is the murderer?

The evidence found by police claims that the murderer is the suspect in the case of Bryan Kohberger. The accused is a 28 years Criminal Justice Ph.D. student at Washington University.

The DNA traced from the Knife Sheath found at the crime scene matches Bryan Kohberger. Also, we shared the Idaho Murder Crime Scene Pictures above for better readers’ knowledge.

What is the latest update on the Idaho murder case?

The suspect, ByranKohberger, is now charged with felony burglary and first-degree murder for the 13th November murder. According to the court documents, the suspect’s DNA was found beneath the Knife (weapon used for murder) gathered from the crime scene.

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Closing Statement

The murderer planned the Idaho student’s murder quite well. Also, the interested one can look at theIdaho murder house floor plan video to get clarity.

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Idaho Murder Crime Scene Pictures-FAQs

Q1. Where did the Idaho murder take place?

The murder occurred at house address 1122 King Road, Moscow, Idaho.

Q2. Where does the accused live?

The accused left in Pullman, Washington.

Q3. What degree did the accused pursue at Washington University?

He is a Criminal Justice Ph.D. student at Washington University.

Q4. How old is the accused?

The accused is 28 years old.

Q5. What is the current status of the Idaho murder house?

The Police officials cleaned the house, and the place is again up for rent.

Q6. Is the accused arrested?

Yes, the accused is under police custody now.

Q7. Did the accused change his car license plate after the accident?

Yes, the investigation reveals that five days after the murder, the accused changed his Hyundai Elantra license plate.

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