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[Today Update] Idaho College Murders Reddit: Check Its Wiki Page, And Also Know What The Neighbor Stated On The Case!

This post on Idaho College Murders Reddit will offer complete details regarding the murder case in Idaho College.

Have you heard about the Idaho University murder? Do you know who is the culprit? Recently four students of Idaho University were found dead. The news went viral in various countries like the United States, Australia, and Ireland. There are many speculations regarding the murder. So here you will know the latest updates regarding the murder of Idaho University students. 

So read this post on Idaho College Murders Reddit to know updates on murder cases. 


Idaho college murder updates

Idaho college students went back to the university after Thanksgiving break. The students were garnered for a vigil for the four students who were murdered on 13 November 2022. The four students of Idaho College were murdered but there were two more roommates present in the house but they are safe. 

The two roommates who survived in the attack are not the suspect in this case as per the police. Moscow police are investigating in the matter. The information regarding this case is available on Reddit. You will find the link in this article ahead. 

Wiki Idaho University.

The University of Idaho is a land grant public research university situated in Moscow, Idaho. Recently, four students of Idaho University have been murdered in a house near the university. The culprit of the victim is not identified yet. Let’s know some details about the university: 

Name University of Idaho
Establishment date  30 January 1889
Academic Affiliations  Space Grant
Motto Legacy of Leading 
Accreditation  NWCCU
President  C. Scott Green
Endowment  $461.4 million (2021)
Students  10,791
Location  Idaho, Moscow, US
Newspaper  The Argonaut

Idaho University investigation details

The investigation is currently going on. The Idaho College Murders Reddit matter is being investigated by Moscow police who are supported by the state police of Idaho. An email address is also being provided to students and others to provide evidence to Officials. As per the cops, the attack was a targeted attack but they have not revealed the reason or evidence behind this.

Autopsy of Students

On 17 November 2022, the autopsy of four students took place. As per the autopsy, the students have stabbed several times with lethal wounds upper body and the chest with a knife. The victims may have been attacked while sleeping. As per Idaho College Murders Reddit, the victims were Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, and Madison “Maddie” Mogen.

The three girls stay in the rented room whereas Ethan Chapin went the house for a sleepover. Ethan Chapin was the boyfriend of Xaxa Kernodle. Two of their roommates were also sleeping on the ground floor but they are safe from the attack.

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In a nutshell

You can visit this link if you want more details on the Idaho University attack of 2022.

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Idaho College Murders Reddit: FAQS

Q1. What happened at Idaho University?

Four students of Idaho University were found dead in a nearby rented house.

Q2. Who killed the students of Idaho University?

The suspect in the murder is not found yet. The police have not made any arrests at the current time. The investigation is still going on.

Q3. Is the autopsy of students released?

Yes, as per the autopsy details the students have been stabbed several times. They were killed with a large knife. 

Q4. What is the latest update regarding University?

The students of Idaho University gathered again on the campus after the break of Thanksgiving. 

Q5. What did the Neighbor reveal about the house?

The neighbors stated that the house was like a Party house which was often loud and busy.

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