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Icolor Hair Burbank {April 2022} Know The Overview!

This news provides a complete guide for the specifications and in detail services offered by Icolor Hair Burbank.

Do you want to know the best store for transforming your hair color into a beautiful and elegant look? Do you want to know the healthy tips for long hair growth? If yes, then read below the trending article!

Users Worldwide have neglected health care products and died for the best hair quality. As the users are associated more with cosmetic products, the results are always neglected. However, specific popular tips and healthy salons provide the best association for healthy hair traction.

Read below more about the timings and facilities offered by Icolor Hair Burbank.

A Brief About The Icolor Burbank Hair Salon

The Icolor hair salon is a recently situated shop for hair-related purchases. It is recently set in California, Burbank. It was launched in 2021. The service category of this shop provides grooming and the best treatment for hair-related queries. However, as the salon has been operated since last year, the charges and services are affordable and moderate.

They provide all varieties of natural and cosmetic-related treatments for hair growth, hair treatment, extensions, and hairdressing. In addition, they provide timing between 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for the top-notch facilities.

Read below more about the facilities provided by Icolorhair Hours.

Facilities Of The Salon

For gaining trust and developing great advertisement in the country, the salon provides quick service within budgeted and affordable cost. Some of the services are listed below:-

  • The salon provides all hair pampering facilities, including hairdressing, hair cutting, extensions, barbering, smoothening, massage, and coloured texture.
  • Hair coloring and customized cuttings are their expertise.
  • Experts can also consult the salon’s application and removal of hair extensions.
  • They introduce social media stars and artists to promote their products in more discounted offers.

More essential points on Icolor Hair Burbank

  • Icolor Burbank is located on Hollywood way in California, making it a popular site for visitors.
  • The official website for the salon is still under construction but has a beautiful page for reviews and personal comments.
  • The salon provides facilities for wheelchair customers with warm welcome staff.

Specification Of The Salon

  • Locality- CA 915 05 Burbank Hollywood way, the United States
  • Service category- hair extensions, haircutting, and hair coloring.
  • Website name –, but is not entirely developed yet
  • Contact number- 7474771024
  • Email ID- not provided
  • Days and timings: The salon works from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Icolorhair Hours Customer Review

Icolor Hair Salon is developed with different traits to build its popularity among social media and customers. Therefore, they provide relevant services. Many customers have claimed the positive environment and complete services provided by this staff. However, they have also received four and five stars as an average rating for their facility.


In conclusion, we would suggest visiting this hair salon and experiencing the cosmetic industry that provides reliable results with the help of professional details. Users must try this salon as the reviews shared by the visitors are fantastic.

Have you visited Icolor Hair Burbank before? Let us know in the comments.

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