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Icoin Token (February 2022) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Do you want to observe hints to the exchange platform of the Icoin Token? If yes, then you must learn more through this write-up.

Are you willing to grab the updated news of a token? Then, kindly study this writing to detect why people from Indonesia and other countries are searching for it.

In this century, crypto tokens have become an essential aspect of traders’ lives. In addition, it also helps maintain the country’s economic growth. Moreover, in a blockchain, tokens show a particular asset, through which a trader can enjoy its services fully.

So, this article is about the Icoin Token and its related details. Therefore, religiously oversee this writing.

About The Token

While analyzing, we haven’t many details since it is written that the coin is relaunching over its website. In addition, the Icoin team has mentioned that community acceptance is one of the critical aspects that help deliver any cryptocurrency.

However, they added that they would notify their followers of any latest news or update about the token. So, you must go on to the following passage to know more hints if the token seems beneficial to you.

Who Is The Owner Of The Icoin Token?

We haven’t discovered any identity threads of the token’s founder on its official website or the Internet. So, you can visit the site, which may update anytime. Now, let us locate the token’s actual cost in the next section.

Live Price of The Token

After investigating a reliable source, we realized that ICN’s actual cost is $0.003765. However, its circulating supply value is 29,952,634 ICN. But, the data related to the token’s value change within 24 hours is not yet revealed. So, to estimate the worthiness or price of Icoin Token in the future, you can jump to the coming section. 

Market Trends And Supplementary Details

  • The market rank of ICN is not available.
  • The actual block reward is 100 iCoin.
  • Its total supply value is 29,952,634.
  • The starting difference is 0.000244.
  • Token’s block time is three minutes.
  • According to our research, we noticed that it has a circulating supply of 29,952,634.38 ICN.
  • The fully diluted cap value is not accessible.
  • Its algorithm is scrypt.
  • Its 24-hour volume value is missing.
  • The latest block reward of the Icoin Token is 1.5625.

The Recommended Buying Steps

We learned that YObit.net is the prime exchange medium for the ICN token during our research. Moreover, it is an exchange platform manufactured to assist cryptocurrencies trading. In addition, it has 497 tokens and cryptocurrencies and 8,575 pairings. As it was launched in 2014 by European experts, it is often pronounced as the oldest exchange platform in the crypto world.

However, methods to retrieve the Icoin Token through YObit exchange are not explained over the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the Official Token’s Website Address?

A1. https://icoin.world is the ICN’s actual accession link.

Q2. What is the Token’s Current Price?

A2. At the time of writing, its cost is $0.003765. 

Q3. Where Should We Purchase ICN?

A3. According to the website, the token is listed on the YObit exchange. Kindly visit here to trace and know more about the ICN token activity.

The Bottom Line

This writing delivered hints of the Icoin Token and mentioned its founder details. In addition, we have quoted the ICN’s actual cost to inform you and other traders about its future value. Also, we found that the ICN is currently listed on the YObit exchange, but its buying process is not available.

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