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Hyve Crypto Coin (June 2021) Price, Chart, How To Buy?

Hyve Crypto Coin (June 2021) Price, Chart, How To Buy? >> The guide shares details about the new crypto coin launched to solve major issues in the workforce market.

A community-driven ecosystem has been launched to solve the existing issues of the worldwide multi-billion workforce and freelance market, and it is Hyve Crypto with the ticker sign HYVE. It leverages the power of decentralized technology while including new mechanics and functions into the current platforms. 

The DeFi focused autonomous ecosystem developed on top of a multi-billion freelance industry to solve various existing problems. The community-driven ecosystem lowers the cost drastically for all parties involved while offering flexibility and rewards to holders. 

Investors in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States want to know more about the Hyve Crypto Coin.

What is Hyve Coin?

Hyve Coin is the newly launched crypto coin in the crypto marketplace with the ticker sign HYVE. The community-driven autonomous ecosystem was launched to solve the global workforce and freelance market issues with decentralized technologies. 

The crypto coin focuses on adding new functions and mechanics that are not available on decentralized and centralized platforms. 

As a result, the community-driven ecosystem lowers the costs significantly for the involved parties, offering them higher flexibility, transparency, invites unbanked, eliminates the middleman and ensures the highest safety, everything in a decentralized way to reward the Hyve Crypto Coin holders.          

Who Backs Hyve Crypto?

As per the official website, the CEO and founder of the crypto coin is Tudor Stomff, Dominic Burghelea, and Brad Yasar. The CMO of the platform is Ksenia Chabanenko, and the CFO is Adrian Asevoaia. 

Investors may visit the official site to explore the details of the team behind the crypto token. The token is ranked at #942 with a huge number of holders globally. It is available for trading on major exchanges. 

Hyve Crypto Coin Price and Market Cap

As per the reports, the market statistics of the crypto coin showcase that the coin is likely to increase its market cap and value. The live price of the crypto coin is $0.372028, with the latest trading volume of $5 690 685 in the last 24 hrs. 

However, the report also suggests a hike of 39.53% in the coin’s market value in 24 hrs. The coin ranking is set for #942 with the live market capitalization of $9 541 1067 with the chance of increment by 39.53%. The fully diluted market cap of Hyve Crypto Coin is $37 202 835.21 with an increase of 30.66%.    

Circulating Supply and Holders Details

As per the statistics, the total coin available for circulating supply is 25 646 075.20 HYVE, and the maximum circulating supply available is 1 trillion HYVE coins.

There is no data of active addresses, but the total number of holders worldwide is 1925.    

How to Buy Hyve Coin?

  • Register on a major exchange like Coinbase
  • Buy ETH or BTC to swap it for HYVE Coin
  • Buy the Hyve Crypto Coin using fiat currency
  • Exchange the fiat currency into ALT coin
  • Deposit your BTC coin to your preferred exchange
  • Trade HYVE coin using the contract address 0xd794DD1CAda4cf79C9EebaAb8327a1B0507ef7d4
  • Swap your ALT coin for HYVE coin and hold the coin for-profits into a digital wallet


Q1. What is the Official Site of the Coin?

A1. https://hyve.works/ is the official website of the coin.

Q2. Which Contract Address to Use?

A2. Use 0xd794DD1CAda4cf79C9EebaAb8327a1B0507ef7d4 as the contract address to buy the coin.

Q3. What is the Market Cap Ranking?

A3. The market cap ranking of the coin is #945.


Hyve Crypto Coin is available on major exchanges for trading, and you may use the preferred exchange to trade HYVE coins.

It is the ecosystem launched to solve major issues in the workforce and freelance market by leveraging the potential of decentralized technologies. 

What makes the crypto coin profitable for you? Please share your views in the comment section. Also please click here to know more about the best trading apps to consider in 2021.

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