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Husband Cariba Heine: Is She Married? Details on Boyfriend, Instagram Page, Relationship

We shared the article Husband Cariba Heine and also find details on her Boyfriend, Instagram page, and Relationship in this article.

Who is Heine Cariba? Do you know who is husband of Cariba is? Cariba is a model, dancer, and also a famous Australian actress. She became Worldwide popular in the mermaid Rikki Chadwick role in the H2O Add Water series. Would you like to know more about her personal life, like her relationship, boyfriend, and social media details? Read Husband Cariba Heine article to get a detailed biography of Cariba.

About Heina Cariba

Heina Cariba, an artist, was born on 1st October 1988 in Johannesburg, located in the city of South Africa. Cariba has an elder brother, and he was born in 1991. She was the younger child in her family. After a few years of her birth, the Cariba family moved to Australia. They settled in Canberra city.

Cariba Heine is a dancer, model, and popular Australian actress. Heine became famous in the series for the mermaid Rikki Chadwick’s role in H2O Just Add Water.

Cariba’s Personal Life

Cariba, the Australian actress, saw Jamie Timony in the H2O Just Add Water film. Is Cariba Heine Married? No. In that film, the young man performed as Nate. The Jamie Timony Cariba pair began dating after that. But Cariba has yet to be married. And whether the couple lives together is unknown. Cariba shares some posts on her Instagram page sometimes. But there were no hugs there.

Cariba Heine Relationship

Cariba’s boyfriend is Jamie Timony. They began dating in 2008. Cariba’s zodiac sign is a Libra, and Timony is a Pisces. Cariba’s boyfriend Jamie Timony age is 36 and Cariba is 34. According to celebrity couples, Cariba Heine Relationship had one before Timony. But she was not engaged previously.

Cariba and Jamie Timony have been dating for approximately 15 years and 2 months as of now. 

Cariba Heine Boyfriend

Cariba’s boyfriend’s name is Jamie Timony. He was born on 6th March 1987 in Scotland. Timony is now 36 years old. Timony’s zodiac sign is Pisces. Jamie Timony is a TV Actor. He was born in the Year of the Rabbit.

All dating antiquities of the pair are verified and confirmed. In this article, you can find the publicly available resources and data.  

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Cariba Heine Instagram

Cariba’s Instagram account is @caribaheine. She is always active on her social media pages and shares posts and photos. We can find Jamie Timony and Cariba’s pictures on her Instagram page. As per sources, the lovers not revealing their relationship secrets to the public. They keep their relationship bond secret. And no evidence whether they broke up their relationship and remained friends. As per sources, but some rumors spread Cariba Heine was close with another co-worker, Burgess Abernethy. But there is no evidence found against their relationship.

More about Cariba

Cariba is an Australian actress 34 years old. She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and 57kg weight. She was a famous Australian TV actress. She performed her first film role in Bait 3D film in 2012. Cariba’s net worth is $100,000 – $1M approximately.


The famous Australian TV actress Cariba has been dating Jamie Timony for about 15 years. But the pair didn’t get married till now. Click the link to get detailed information about Cariba Heine’s relationship and more.

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