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Hurdle One Direction {April} Game Zone Information!

Did you hear about the new trending Hurdle One Direction game? Want to know more about it? Then, please read!

Are you a One Direction fan? Would you like to test if you are a die-hard fan of this group? We have an amazing opportunity for you to test your knowledge about One Direction in a fun way.

Whether you are from the Uniteda States, the United KingdomCanadaSpainAustralia or another country, you can play this game online for free and have fun!

But before you begin learning about this game, we inform you that people have been searching about this game with the wrong spelling, Hurdle One Direction, the correct keyword being Heardle One Direction.

About Heardle One Direction:

Heardle One Direction or One Direction Heardle is the sweet twist to the original Heardle game, especially for the One Direction fans. As the name suggests, the game is related to the One Direction group. It was launched recently after Heardle, and its variations like Heardle K-pop went viral online.

The game involves players guessing the correct song name from audio clips of that song. Each day players have to guess a random song by One Direction in 6 tries. One Direction Hurdle Game is easy to play; keep reading to learn its rules!

About the Heardle game:

Heardle is the original musical twist to the worldwide popular Wordle game. Each Heardle puzzle is a semi-randomly plucked song from a long list of popular artists. The game was made for a small group of friends, but soon, the game received fame and reached millions of players.

Heardle involves players guessing the correct song name with a limited number of tries. However, unlike in Wordle, players can skip a try to reveal the next audio clip of the song.

How to play the One Direction Hurdle Game?

Each day starts with a randomly chosen One Direction song as the correct answer. And to guess the correct Heardle puzzle, players get 6 tries in total. With each try, a new audio clip of the song is unlocked for you to listen to and guess the song.

Players have to listen to the song intro and guess the One Direction song. After a failed attempt or skip, a new intro clip is unlocked. Players must try to guess the correct song in as few tries as possible. You can also share your score on social media and have more fun!

Why was Hurdle One Direction Trending?

Today’s Heardle One Direction puzzle had a possible glitch in it. Players attempted to guess the correct song but were shown failed attempts only to learn that they had been guessing the correct song.

Players took to Twitter to share this glitch or error in the game and how some of them lost their game streak because of the same. 

Final Words:

It is the new popular way to play Heardle with only One Direction songs. The players recently faced some issues due to which some of them were given the same song for two options. Want to play One Direction Heardle? click here!

Did you play today’s Hurdle One Direction? Was your guess correct, or did you face the same issue? Comment!

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