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Hurdle Game Wordle {March 2022} Know The Entire Game!

The guide shares details about the Hurdle Game Wordle to help players learn about the puzzle game.

Wordle puzzle games need no introduction as it is the famous puzzle game enjoyed by many people worldwide. Since the puzzle game is getting popular, many developers are coming up with their versions of puzzle games, designed with inspiration from Wordle. 

Hurdle Word is the new puzzle game inspired by Wordle. The puzzle game urges the players to guess the mystery word using the provided clues. Players in the United States, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are attracted to this new game.   

If you are interested in knowing how to play Hurdle Game Wordle, continue reading. 

What is a Hurdle Game?

Hurdle Game is a word game inspired by the famous puzzle game, Wordle. The gameplay involves guessing mystery words using the clues provided in the game. If you have already played the Wordle game, you will find it easy playing this innovative word game. 

The game offers daily puzzles to solve with fewer clues. Players have to use those clues to guess the correct word and solve the puzzle. Players are allowed to play once every 24 hours, and the results can be shared with friends on social platforms. 

How to Play the Hurdle Game Wordle?

It is straightforward to play the Hurdle Game online. The game is free, and you can play it on your Smartphone and PC. But, there are specific steps to play the game, and you must know those steps. 

  • Visit the official website of the game
  • On the homepage, you will see six-letter puzzles, and you get a couple of attempts to solve the puzzle
  • In the attempts, you have to guess the correct word using the clues
  • Every guess must comprise a six-letter word
  • As you guess the correct word, click on the “Submit” button

You have to follow these steps to play Hurdle Game Wordle. The color of the tiles changes for every selection or guess to let players know how close their guesses are to the word. If the guess is correct, the answer will be displayed. 

What is the Hurdle Game Answer Today?

According to the hints, the Hurdle Game Answer of 31st March 2022 is “BUREAU.” It is answer number #143, and the puzzle was released in the morning. There were hints like the word comprises letters “R” and “B” and four vowels in the word. So, the correct answer is “BUREAU.”

The Hurdle Game Wordle Answer #144 is “OBTAIN.” The puzzle is released for the afternoon, and the hints include the word containing the letter “N” and “O,” and there are three vowels in the world.  

For more hints and puzzles, you have to visit the official website of the Hurdle Game.


Hurdle Game is the latest version of the famous puzzle game Wordle. People who love playing the game will appreciate Hurdle Game. It is easy but challenging to solve daily puzzles. The puzzles are updated twice a day, and you get two puzzles to solve in 24 hours.  

You have to guess the correct answers in Hurdle Game Wordle using the clues. 

Do you play Hurdle Game? Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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