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Hurdle Answer Today March 11 2022 (March) How To Play?

The article is all about the Hurdle Answer Today March 11 2022, and it will help you to master the game by providing important information about its rules.

Have you ever played Wordle? Isn’t it addictive? Many of you will agree that it is one of the most interesting puzzle games that gives you the opportunity to have both entertainment and mind exercise simultaneously. The Hurdle is the harder version of this game.

This game has acquired immense popularity in many countries like the United Kingdom, the United StatesIrelandAustraliaCanada, etc. So, it is obvious that Hurdle Answer Today March 11 2022, is eagerly awaited information among the players.

What Is Hurdle Game?

The Hurdle is a version of the Wordle game with more challenging puzzles. In this game, you will get a single puzzle every day. The game also has varieties in terms of its challenges, like you can get a simple word or a song name or something else.

You will have eight attempts to guess the word correctly, and if you can do so, you get the statistical data of your efforts telling you how long it took you to crack. While looking for Hurdle Answer Today March 11 2022, the answer of today’s puzzle is Rude Boy by Rihana. We learned that the game also gives the player a chance to share their result on social media.

The game is tougher than Wordle as you get fewer clues to guess the answer correctly. It can be played on any device with internet connectivity. Though there are similarities between Wordle and Hurdle, the required information and the solution presentation are different.

How to Play the Game?

There are two types of puzzles in the game. In the word puzzles, the players are given clues about a five-letter word, and as per the details of Hurdle Answer Today march 11 2022, in the musical puzzles, a few seconds of a song clip is played and the player has to guess the song name.

  • You will have only eight attempts per day
  • Each day will give a new puzzle
  • After each attempt, the color of the letters show the order of your effort without revealing the answer
  • For musical puzzle, hit the play button to hear the music
  • You can hear the song clip as many times as you want
  • Each incorrect guess unlocks more sections of the songs
  • The game usually plays the most streamed songs of the decade
  • While typing your answer, you will see probable suggestions

Hurdle Answer Today March 11 2022

As we have discussed, the play presents a new puzzle for each day. You can also track the streak of your results. Today’s puzzle in the game is related to a song. And the answer of today is Rude Boy by Rihana.

Concluding Words

While researching, we have found that Word games are so popular among players of all ages, and Hurdle is one such game. This game is a great stressbuster helping you to kill your free time positively. So, we would recommend you to give it a try. Let us know in the comments if this article about Hurdle Answer Today March 11 2022 is informative or not.

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