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Huh What Directions Roblox: Check Full Content On Huh What Directions Puzzle Doors Game

The article on Huh What Directions Roblox talked about the trending game on Roblox ‘Puzzle Doors.’

Have you ever played games on Roblox? Have you played the Puzzle Door game? If you want to know the details about the trending keyword ‘Huh What Directions Roblox, read this article here. Because people Worldwide are already indulged in the game and find it interesting, the puzzle door game was created a few years ago but is currently trending. 


Details About Puzzle Door Game 

The game is available on Roblox; anyone with a Roblox account and application can play this game. If one talks about the trending keyword, it is like a question people are asking while playing the game, and the keyword is mainly trending on TikTok. This game has a straightforward interface and graphics. Open the Roblox, search for the ‘Puzzle Door Game,’ and play it easily on the application.

Disclaimer: In-depth research about the keyword was not possible because, in some parts of the world, TikTok is not accessible. However, we have provided all the information we can. 

Huh What Directions Puzzle Doors  

This game is created by the ‘Xendatro’, a creator of the Roblox community. It was built in 2020 and updated again in July 2023, and the game has more than 3 million visitors. There are 2,200 active users of the game, and 33,308 people have added the game to their favourite list. 

This game is suitable for all age groups, and it has 86 levels till now. The Creator has revealed that the game is in the process of completion. Thus, a new addition will be made in the future. The server side of the game is 306134 people have up-voted the game, and 3502 people have down-voted it. 

Huh What Directions Roblox Codes

Everyone wants to know the passcode of all 86 levels, but we will provide a few codes. 

  • Level 1- 9834
  • Level 2- 51011
  • Level 3- 5624
  • Level 4- 7446
  • Level 5- 3246
  • Level 81- 1041
  • Level 82- 90
  • Level 83- 636
  • Level 84- 183
  • Level 85- 131072
  • Level 86- Figure out

Play the game and figure out the rest of the codes because finding the code is the real essence of the game. 


Puzzle Doors games have been trending recently with different keywords. Some people were talking about the game on TikTok and asked the codes as ‘Huh What Directions Roblox.’ This game has become a sensation on the internet. People are interested in playing this game and cracking all the passcodes independently. But we have provided a few codes to head start the game and end it smoothly. This game can be played easily on Roblox’s app. To know more details, click here.

Have you played Puzzle Doors? Please comment on your experience with Puzzle Doors in the below section.

Read Updates About Game Huh What Directions Roblox: FAQs

Q1. What is ‘Huh What Directions’?

A1. This is a keyword trending on TikTok for the Puzzle Door game.

Q2. What is Puzzle Doors?

A2. It is a game on Roblox.

Q3. What are the codes of the Door game?

A3. They are provided in the article.

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