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This post on Huellitas Video Twitter will discuss all the crucial details related to the tragic homicide of a puppy named Huellitas.

Do you like pets? Do you have a pet? If yes, then today’s article might seem a bit disturbing for you. Today, we will discuss about an animal abuse incident which has shocked the people worldwide. Netizens were curious to learn about Huellitas Video Twitter. Hence, in this post, we will be discussing about the incident of Huellitas. All the interested readers are recommended to stay connected to this post till the end.


Why is the latest news about Huellitas?

Huellitas is the name of a puppy in Puebla. Recently, he is all over the internet for a video which was leaked on the internet by someone. A 15 year old girl named Vanessa N adopted Huellitas a few weeks ago. Vanessa also uploaded some cute pictures with her puppy on social media. 

However, after some time Huellitas Fotos Twitter Sin Censura was released on the internet. The footage showed Huellitas covered in blood and tears. This footage has caused controversy on the internet and people are demanding for justice for Huellitas. The internet is now flooded with Huellitas’s posts.

Disclaimer – This is to inform our readers that we are totally against any sort of animal abuse and cruelty. Our only aim is to provide the most authentic and verified information through our posts. 

What happened to Huellitas?

Huellitas was tortured brutally by Vanessa N. When the people learnt about the incident on Tiktok, people were curious to learn about the condition of Huellitas. Some sources have indicated that Huellitas is no longer alive because of negligence of Vanessa N. 

There are no clear details about what actually happened to Huellitas but some reports have said that Huellitas was treated very badly by Vanessa and in the end it took it last breath. Also, Vanessa N was questioned about the homicide of Huellitas to which she admitted her crime and said that she was responsible for the killing. 

What was in the viral images of Huellitas?

Some graphic images of Huellitas were uploaded on the social media platforms like Instagram by Vanessa N. The images were proved to be disturbing for some people. The images and footages were of Huellitas being tortured by Vanessa. The most disturbing part was that Vanessa recorded the video on her own after killing Huellitas. 

Also, she did a thumbs up in front of the body of Huellitas like she has accomplished something because of the murder. She recorded the entire act on the video where Huellitas was seen covered in blood. The fact that Huellitas did not regret any of her crimes makes this case even more disturbing. This case was Viral On Reddit

Why did Vanessa N assasinate Huellitas?

There is a ton of evidence pointing towards Vanessa N for the murder of Huellitas. Reports have explained that Vanessa discussed about the killing with one of her friend. She admitted about the murder to her friend. The screenshots of the conversation between Vanessa and her friend were also leaked on the internet. 

The conversation revealed that Vanessa N only adopted Huellitas because she wanted to kill a puppy. She had planned about the murder since the first time she adopted the puppy. What Vanessa did with Huellitas was extremely brutal and gruesome.

What was the controversy around the Huellitas video?

The people on the social media platforms like Telegram are absolutely shook after learning about the demise of Huellitas. People were wondering how someone can be this cruel to a pet. Vanessa N is a student of CBTIS 86. Students from the CBTIS 86 were furious when they learnt about the incident. People were slaming Vanessa N and were demanding for justice for Huellitas. 

Students requested the official authorities of the school to kick Vanessa out of the school. Also, some students said that Vanessa should issue a public apology for her offence. Some people also suggested that Huellitas Video Twitter should be reported to the Police for violating the Animal Protection Law. 

Was Vanessa N suffering from cerebral problems?

The seriousness of the murder of Huellitas led to the people thinking if Vanessa was cerebrally stable. People were startled to learn that a 15 year old girl commited such a heinous crime and also didn’t regretted anything about her act. 

Vanessa N has recently revealed that she suffered from cerebral health problems and was also visiting her psychologist almost regularly. It was also revealed that Vanessa N was a sadist who loved to make someone suffer. This is why, she chose Huellitas as a target and began her cruel acts. 

Where can we find the Huellitas Video Twitter?

The leaked footages of Huellitas were uploaded by Vanessa N on the social media platforms. The video blew up pretty quickly because of the disturbing contents in the video. However, the video was deleted from the internet very soon because of its graphic contents. 

Also, many people reported the video because they said that the video was really offensive and disturbing. There are several posts on social media which are claiming to provide the video. However, during our research we found that all of those links were scam and phishing links which didn’t actually provided the video. 

Social media links

Many people are criticizing Vanessa N on the social media platforms like Youtube.



To finish off this post, proper investigations should be conducted against Vanessa N and she should pay off for what she did to Huellitas. Please visit this link to learn more about Huellitas

What are your thoughts on Vanessa N? Discuss in the comment section.

Huellitas Video Twitter – FAQs

Q1. Who is Vanessa N?

Answer: Vanessa N is a 15 year old student at CBTIS 86.

Q2. What has Vanessa N done?

Answer: Vanessa N has killed a puppy named Huellitas.

Q3. Why did Vanessa N killed her puppy?

Answer: There is no clear information about the intention of Vanessa N but some reports have said that Vanessa was suffering from cerebral health problems.

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