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Huellitas Fotos Twitter: Why Vanessa Sin Censura Video Trending? Know Facts!

Discover more about the incident involving Huellitas Fotos Twitter. Vanessa adopted the puppy, but certain pictures caused concern. Learn in-depth by continuing reading.

Do you like puppies? Can you imagine taking care of one as your own? While they are cute, looking after a puppy is not an easy job.

Recently, a young woman adopted a puppy and seemed nice to it. However, pictures and videos on social media Worldwide show her being cruel to the puppy. 

Now, people on social media want to know more about these posts. Keep reading to learn the latest updates about Huellitas Fotos Twitter and what happened to the puppy.


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What is the news about? 

A student named Vanessa from CBTIS (Industrial Technological and Services Baccalaureate Center 86 School) in Huauchinango, Puebla, did something very shocking. She seemed kind when she adopted a puppy named ‘Huellitas.’ But there was something truly evil hidden behind her nice face.

She posted Huellitas Fotos Video on social media, wherein the puppy was hurt and bloody. On 16th June 2023, students of the same school are demanding justice.

Is the Puppy dead or alive?

Based on the given information, the puppy was killed by the minor. The minor, Vanessa “N,” confessed to the crime in a conversation with one of her friends. Screenshots of the conversation showed that Vanessa intentionally adopted the puppy with the sole intention of killing it. 

It is really sad to know that the puppy lost its life in such a cruel way. The Sin Censura video and photos of the puppy are very scary, leaving everyone surprised and upset.

Students Demand Justice for Huellitas

The terrible incident made many people very angry, including students from CBTIS 86. They wanted justice for the puppy. 

They asked Vanessa “N” to be kicked out of school and the principal to do something about it. They also wanted Vanessa to say sorry publicly, and they wanted more support for the teachers of psychology and humanities. 

Additionally, they asked for better education about taking care of animals and showing respect. They even wanted to report the Twitter Vanessa incident to the Prosecutor’s Office because of the Animal Protection Law.

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In conclusion, the incident with puppy Huellitas has made many people upset. Students from CBTIS 86 are demanding justice. It’s important to treat animals kindly and with love. Supporters plan to report the incident to the authorities. 

However, to date, there are no such reports. The pictures are still circulating on social media without restriction.

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Huellitas Fotos Twitter –FAQ

Q1. Who is Vanessa N?

Venessa N is a fifteen-year-old teenage girl involved in the cruel murder of a puppy.

Q2. Why is a CBITIS school student asking for justice?

CBTIS school students are demanding justice because Vanessa adopted the stray puppy named Huellitas, who used to wander around the school, but instead of caring for him, she harmed and killed him.

Q3. When did the incident happen?

The date is unknown, but pictures and videos were found online on June 2023.

Q4. What is the Animal Protection Law? 

The Animal Protection Law is a law that protects animals from cruelty and mistreatment. Based on this law, the students want to report the incident to the authorities.

Q5. Have any legal actions been taken against Vanessa on Huellitas Fotos Twitter

There is no information available about any legal actions taken against Vanessa.

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