How to use Internet Explorer on Mac?

Complete Information Internet Explorer on Mac

How to use Internet Explorer on Mac: Have you recently switched from Windows PC to Mac?

Are you looking forward to the Internet Explorer that you are being used to on your previous device?

If yes, this is the perfect guide you just have landed. Being a Mac user, if you have ever been trying to download Internet Explorer, you might be well aware that it is not available there. Then how to get that? It is the very first question that blinks out of one’s mind during the entire scenario.

Internet Explorer was part of Mac devices till the 90s. But as soon as the Safari browser was being introduced by the Apple, it replaced the same and was set up as the new default browser. In case you are running Mac OSX 10.6 higher, you will surely not be able to install Internet Explorer to it. The guide will provide you with absolute information on how to use Internet Explorer for Mac.

How to use Internet Explorer on Mac?

Most people prefer using Internet Explorer on their MAC devices just for testing purposes. It is the best way to check how certain websites or applications work. Whatever reason you are going to use the Internet Explorer on Mac, the detailed guide we are going to provide you below will ease up the things for you.

  • Launch your Safari web browser and then navigate to the Preferences section over there.
  • Move forward with the Advanced option and once done then check the option saying “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.
  • Once you do the given process, you will be able to get access to the developer tools directly from the Safari web browser. It simply means that you can now easily inspect different websites, empty catches, and much more conveniently.  For enabling the smooth access to Internet Explorer on Mac the things you have to do are:
  • Launch the Safari’s menu bar option and then go to the Develop menu option from there.
  • Once done, you have to navigate to the User-Agent to move further with the process.
  • On the completion of the above process, you have to select the browser you are searching for i.e. Internet Explorer. 
  • Once done with it, the website you are looking forward to will get automatically refreshed.
  • Switch back to enable all of the changes you have made.
  • Bingo! You have got access to Internet Explorer without any hassle now.

How to launch Internet Explorer on a virtual machine?

  • Running Windows on Intel Macs:

For running Windows on Intel Macs, the things you have to do are:

  • Launch your browser and then download VMware fusion and Windows ISO files on your device.
  • Now launch VMware Fusion on your device. 
  • For installing it successfully, select “Create a new custom virtual machine”.
  • Next, you have to drag and drop your Windows ISO file on the dialogue window.
  • Net tap on the Finish button and once done Launch the virtual machine and then click the play button for stepping up to the Windows.
  • Running Windows on M1 Macs:

In case you are using an M1 Mac device you can install Windows on it by:

  • Launch your web browser and then download Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac on it.
  • You next have to register here as a Windows insider and then have to download Windows 10 on Microsoft’s website.
  • Once done, launch the Windows 10.VHDX files in parallel.
  • Make sure to follow up the instructions very carefully for setting up the virtual machine.
  • Now install Windows 10 on your device and then make a secure login to your Parallel account. 
  • Complete the Windows update for enjoying successful access over Internet Explorer on Mac.


So, Guys! Follow up on the guide given above and enjoy Internet Explorer on Mac devices. Make sure to follow up the instructions very carefully to enable successful access over it. Slow internet can cause productivity loss; however, if you want to enjoy a smooth and speedy browsing experience on Mac, then can be a cost-saving choice for you.


Can we install Internet Explorer on Mac?

Unfortunately no. Mac doesn’t support the installation of Internet Explorer directly on it. If you are still interested in enjoying that extreme level of usability over the Internet Explorer on a Mac device, you can install Windows on your Mac along with a virtual machine and then can install and use the Internet Explorer on it. Moreover, You can also go simulating the Windows browser on Mac through Safari.

How to download the Internet Explorer on Mac?

One can simulate the Internet Explorer on the Safari browser on macOS or can go for installing Windows with a virtual machine for enabling the successful download of Internet Explorer on Mac.

What are the best alternatives to Internet Explorer on Mac?

The best alternatives to Internet Explorer on Mac are Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. They not only ensure fast and stable access but are also free to use. The majority of Mac users prefer going with the Safari browser as it is the fastest and most secure option in the league.

Why is Internet Explorer not available for Mac?

Internet Explorer is not available on Apple’s devices. It is a native browser of Microsoft that is featured only on Windows computers. The platform is designed to work effortlessly on certain operating systems only such as Windows.

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