How To Buy Leash Coin 2021.

How To Buy Leash Coin (Nov) Price, Contract Address

How To Buy Leash Coin (Nov) Price, Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the new crypto token and the steps to buying it as a crypto investment.  

The second token into the Shiba Inu Ecosystem, LEASH or Doge Killer, was envisaged as the rebase token tied with the market cap of DogeCoin. However, later, LEASH was withdrawn as a rebase token and continued in the crypto market as a simple ERC-20 type token. 

However, the tokenomics of the LEASH token is contrary to the SHIB market cap and is even more stimulating. 

Investors in the United States and the United Kingdom are attracted to tokens and want to know How to Buy Leash Coin.    

What is LEASH Token?

LEASH is the cryptocurrency and the second token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem. It is the ticker for the Doge Killer coin, and it was originally launched as the rebase token, attached to the market cap of DoegCoin.

Later, the rebase function of the token was withheld to unleash its full potential as an ERC-20 type token. The token even symbolizes the other edge of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. The token operates on the Ethereum platform. But it is listed on major crypto exchanges, and you can’t purchase the token using fiat currency.     

A guide on How to Buy Leash Coin has been shared below to help you understand the steps and know the exchanges to buy LEASH coins.  

Who is the Founder of LEASH?

LEASH Coin is backed by a community of veteran crypto investors and buyers. However, after evaluating, we have not found any details regarding the CEO, owner or the founder of the token. 

The holders and investors of LEASH have not disclosed or shared the owner’s name who backs the token. 

LEASH Market Cap, Live Price and Circulating Supply

Before jumping to the section How to Buy Leash Coin, let us first learn about the token’s market cap, supply, and live price. 

As per the data on CoinMarketCap, the last known price recorded in the last 24 hrs is $2,883.42 with the increasing price trend. However, the token has recorded a trading volume of $19 421 837 in the last 24 hrs with the increased value of 22.91% in the 24 hrs.

In terms of market ranking, it holds #2542 based on the live market capitalization. However, live market capitalization data of the token is not available. However, the fully diluted market cap of LEASH is $310 391 499.28. Besides, there is no data available of the coin’s total circulating supply and max circulating supply.

How to Buy Leash Coin?

  • Download and signup with MetaMask Wallet as it allows trading on LEASH
  • Transfer a sufficient amount of ETH into your wallet as it is required to buying the LEASH token
  • Now you need to link your wallet to the UniSwap platform 
  • Choose the token by using the contract address (0x27c70cd1946795b66be9d954418546998b546634)
  • Enter the amount of LEASH you want to swap 
  • Use your ETH to swap as many LEASH as you want and store it in your wallet

These are steps you have to follow to buy LEASH. So, it is clear now How to Buy Leash Coin.


  1. What is the Official Website?
  2. the official website of LEASH.
  3. What is the Contract Address of the Coin?
  4. Use 0x27c70cd1946795b66be9d954418546998b546634 as the contract address to buy LEASH.
  5. Where to Buy LEASH?
  6. Jubi, CoinW, UniSwap, and Bilaxy are the crypto exchanges where you can buy LEASH.


LEASH Crypto or Coin is the part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem available for trading on ETH compatible exchanges. You can buy the token at any reputed exchanges using ETH or BTC as you can’t purchase the coin using fiat currency. 

The guide above on How to Buy Leash Coin would help you buy the token as a long-term investment. If you are new to the crypto world, learn about the Future of Crypto in 2021 before investing your money.    

What is your opinion about the token? Please share it in the comments section.

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