How To Buy Ata Crypto Coin (June) Coin Price, Chart

How To Buy Ata Crypto Coin (June) Coin Price, Chart

How To Buy Ata Crypto Coin (June) Coin Price, Chart >> The guide shares details about the new crypto token launched in the Launchpool of Binance.

Binance has recently launched its 20th project on the launchpool called Automata with the ticker symbol ATA. The crypto token is launched as a decentralized service protocol and aims to offer a middleware layer in the Apps. 

The token allows the holders to stake their BUSD, DOT and BNB into different segments.

The ATA token is planned for listing into the unique zone from 7th June 2021 for worldwide buyers, including France, India, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The farming started on 2nd June 2021. So, let us check How To Buy Ata Crypto Coin.

What is ATA Crypto Token?

Automata are the decentralized crypto token available on Binance with the ticker sign ATA. It is the 20th project announced by Binance, and it is part of Binance’s launchpool. 

It is launched as the decentralized service procedure that focuses on offering a private middleware layer for the dApps. 

Now holders would become eligible for staking their DOT, BUSD and BNB into different pools so that they can farm the token in the coming 30 days, starting from 2nd June 2021 to 31st June 2021. A buyer wants to know How To Buy Ata Crypto Coin

Binance has announced launching and listing the token in their unique zone from the 7th of June 2021, and it would start trading the token for BNB, BTC, BUSD and USDT pairs. 

Who is the Founder of ATA Token?

Automata token is created by renowned and famous blockchain researchers and veterans who served at LongHash, Zilliqa and the National University of Singapore. The investor’s team includes IOSG Ventures, Alameda Research, KR1, Genesis Block Ventures, and Divergence Capital. 

ATA is launched as the utility token of Automata Network, and it is planned for specific uses. So, buyers worldwide want to know the contract address and How To Buy Ata Crypto Coin.

Supply and Market Capitalization

After evaluating, we have noticed that the highest token supply recorded to date is 1 000 000 000 ATA. The initial supply circulation of the token in the market is 172 252 000 ATA, rising 17.2%. 

It is the first BEP-20 and ERC-20 crypto token to register such an increased circulation supply on its launch. However, there is no information available about the market cap of the token. 

How To Buy Ata Crypto Coin? 

It is the invention of Binance, and it would be available for purchase on Binance Smart Chain. The token farming would start from 2nd June, and it is available for farming up to 31st June 2021. 

But, the details required for buying the crypto token and what digital wallet it supports are not available, and hence buyers have to investigate before trading the token. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 – What is the Official Website of ATA Crypto Token?

A – The official website of the token is

Q.2 – What is the Contract Address of the ATA Token?

A – 0xa2120b9e674d3fc3875f415a7df52e382f141225 is the contract address to use.

Q.3 – What is the Launchpool Token Reward?

A – 40, 000, 000 ATA with 4% of the highest maximum token supply.

The Bottom Line

The guide on How To Buy Ata Crypto Coin shares details about the newly launched crypto token on Binance. The details of buying the token are not shared, and farming would start from 2nd June, and it will be available for one month.

Did you start farming for the token? Please share your experience in the comment section, and if you want to know about the next big Cryptocurrency of 2021, please visit this link.

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