How To Assure The Security Of Your Crypto Exchange 2021

How To Assure The Security Of Your Crypto Exchange (July)

How To Assure The Security Of Your Crypto Exchange (July) >> Read on to know about possible threats in the crypto exchange platforms and measures to avoid them. 

The Worldwide growth of crypto is vast and astounding. The facets of crypto make it a huge success and prone to various threats. 

One of the threats faced by the crypto users is not having secured exchange platforms: due to which the question of How to Assure the Security of Your Crypto Exchange as a central question in most users’ minds while using these platforms. So, let us put this question to rest.

What is the Crypto Exchange? 

A crypto exchange platform is a significant part of the crypto world Worldwide. It is a platform that provides users with a medium to purchase and sell different cryptocurrencies using fiat currency. 

The users must have an account in the crypto exchange platform of their choice and must have knowledge in trading for using the exchange platform aptly. The users can store their collected cryptocurrencies on these platforms. 

Hence it begs the question of How to Assure the Security of Your Crypto Exchange

Major Issues Involved

People observed that only 46% of crypto exchange platforms are safe, which is terrible news. Some of the prominent security issues to look out for are:

  • Network: Once the transactions are made it is made forever and is irreversible. 
  • Third-Party: The crypto exchange platforms, most of the time, are under the control of a third party, thus making your money under the supervision of a third party. 
  • No insurance: A crucial aspect to look for before choosing an apt exchange platform as many companies don’t provide insurance for loss of funds. 

How to Assure the Security of Your Crypto Exchange

After being aware of the threats, it is understandable if you are looking for preventive methods and safety measures to ensure safe endeavors. Hence we have paid particular attention to collecting information regarding the safety measures.

  • Start to store your currencies in both hot and cold wallets. One thing to keep in mind is that the cold wallet should contain most cryptocurrencies. In addition, it is safe as it doesn’t connect directly to the internet.
  • Multi-factor authentication is essential. It will be another layer of protection over your cryptocurrency if the user’s password is weak.
  • The linking of the user’s account to one IP address is the answer for How to Assure the Security of Your Crypto Exchange. 
  • Make sure the exchange apps have notifications for deposits and withdrawal of the funds. These notifications could be in the form of messages or emails. 
  • Another feature to help with the security is to block withdrawal after the data associated with the account is changed. Changing data such as mail address or phone number is a characteristic behavior of the hacker. 
  • Be aware of the customer insurance funds to help customer cover their losses via an external insurance company or internal policy. Watch here to know about the biggest cryptocurrency frauds.

Closing Thoughts

After our extensive research for answering How to Assure the Security of Your Crypto Exchange, it was clear that the increase in cybercrime is also a part of the crypto industry. 

Unfortunately, most interested people would look over this fact and, as a result, lack appropriate measures to ensure the safety of their investment. We would ask our readers not to fall into the trap of such a mindset and stay educated about the dos and don’ts of crypto security. Also, please read about how do I report a Bitcoin Scammer,

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