About General Information How Online Education Affects Mental Health

How Online Education Affects Mental Health

We hope that you understood how online education affects mental health through the content of this article. 

The culture of schooling started way back in history, with children being taught various life skills needed for practical use and survival. This was all done under the guidance of a single teacher and was called the Gurukul system, still practiced in few places today. We then slowly moved into the modern education system with well-defined structures for schools, having various teachers come and teach multiple subjects and then test us on our knowledge of these through exams. But now, even this has taken a step forward and dived into technology where education is also imparted through a device, which is done through the online mode. Thus, it is vital to know how online education affects mental health.

Online- The new channel of education

With the spread of COVID-19 since the year 2020, online education has gotten popularised and has become one of the most used forms of education since then. This is because of the various advantages it has, which are now coming to light. All it requires is a device and an internet connection to tune in and listen to your classes from the comfort of your home or any place! This eliminates the time taken to travel to and fro to institutions, saving us money and fuel costs while also saving the institutions the money on rent, electricity, and all such material expenses that go into running a physical space. Now all this does sound very beneficial and convenient for sure, but a major concern is how online education affects mental health. Online education could end up impacting mental health vastly, and here is how. 

Know how online education affects mental health

Although the starting of online education may feel very exciting because it is all done in the comfort of our zone, it goes to adversely impact a student’s mental health in the following way- 

  • Deteriorates mental and physical health due to disruption in routine, lack of exercise, bad body posture, and disconnections from real human interactions
  • Fatigue caused by sitting for long hours in front of a screen
  • Emotional outbursts through anger, crying spells causing low moods and irritability
  • Gaining and losing of sudden weight due to stress and tiredness, with lack of physical movement
  • Restlessness and anxiety
  • Straining the eyes due to staring at screens for long hours, deeming them exhausted for the rest of the day
  • Social isolation leading to self-esteem issues in students because of their lack of social interactions, which are very important for collaborative and skill learning

Having seen how online education affects mental health, students can improve it by –

  • Maintaining a routine
  • Creating a separate study corner with comfortable furniture and lighting
  • Having a healthy diet and getting good sleep to feel well-rested
  • By adding in plants to help release stress and give a positive vibe to the environment. 
  • Drinking adequate water and getting good physical exercise


With these in mind, online education can get challenging, but it also poses great opportunities to learn from people all over the world, improving your social network and eliminating all boundaries to education.

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