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How Many Missions in MW2 2022 Campaign – Check Modern Warfare 2 Length Here!

This article provides information related to the facts regarding the new Modern Warfare 2 and also tells How Many Missions in MW2 2022 Campaign.

Do you want to check out the mission list of Modern Warfare 2 2022? The Call of Duty Modern Warfare series is a treat for every gamer in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and many other countries. Because of its popularity, the company decided to launch a new version of MW2 in 2022. 

If you want to know How Many Missions in MW2 2022 Campaign and how much time it takes to complete the whole game, then this article is perfect for you. 


How many total missions are there in MW2 2022?

The Modern Warfare 2 game consists of 17 missions divided into different acts, including a prologue. The game consists of characters, including the famous Captain Price, Soap McTavish, Ghost, Roach and many others. 

The game is divided into different difficult sections: recruit, regular, hardened and veteran. As we discussed the number of missions, let’s see the game’s length and how much time permission is required. 

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Length 2022

The whole campaign takes around 6-8 hours. However, the time depends on the difficulty level you choose in the game. The missions and the time limit of modern warfare 2 are as follows:

  • Strike
  • Kill or Capture
  • Wetwork
  • Tradecraft 
  • Borderline 
  • Cartel Protection
  • Close Air 
  • Hardpoint
  • Recon by Fire
  • Violence and Timing
  • El Sin Nombre
  • Dark Water 
  • Alone
  • Prison Break
  • Hindsight
  • Ghost Team
  • Countdown

About Modern Warfare 2 

The Modern Warfare 2 2022 or MW2 2022 is the new installment in the Call Of Duty series and a direct sequel to modern warfare released in 2019. We have already discussed How Many Missions in MW2 2022 Campaign, but it’s important to know the game’s storyline so that everyone feels connected to it. 

Modern Warfare game is a famous Call of Duty series that became famous worldwide, and that’s why Infinity Ward and Activision decided to revive the series again with similar characters. 

The common character in the series is Captain Price, and the playable characters will change according to the mission requirement. The initial release date of MW2 was September 19, 2022, but then shifted to October 28, 2022. 

 Knowing the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Length 2022 makes it clear that the missions are extremely difficult and interesting. 

Is there any early access to MW2?

Unfortunately, there’s no early access to the game, but the mission list of MW2 got leaked, and it’s a surprise for every gamer. However, the leaked list is not yet confirmed by anyone, as every website has its own opinions. 

The confirmed campaign of Call of Duty MW2 2022 is:

  • Backstabbed 
  • Borderline 
  • Close Air
  • Dark Water 
  • Strike 
  • Tower 

Call of Duty MW2 rewards (Story Mode)

Every game is incomplete without rewards and in the case of MW2, knowing How Many Missions there are in MW2 2022 Campaign and the time limit, here are the rewards that the users can enjoy. 

  • Calling Card: Soap’s Determination
  • 30 minutes Double XP
  • Calling Card: Gaz 

There are other rewards that the official website will release soon.

Are there any other mission updates in other FPS games?

There’s an update found in Free Fire which is life at this point and will end on October 28, 2022. The update is related to the Diwali festival. 


Are there any other mission updates in other FPS games

Final Words

Considering everything, we can say that the new MW2 will be a treat for gamers, especially for the “Call Of Duty” lovers with no missions and new characters.

Do you get the information you are looking for? Please comment below. 

How Many Missions in MW2 2022 CampaignFAQs

Q.1 What’s the length of the MW2 2022 game? 

A: The game length of MW2’s campaign is 6-8 hours.

2: Q.2 Which mission takes the longest time?

A: The mission’s length individually is not yet revealed by the official group as the game hasn’t been released anywhere. However, you can check the mission list on this link.

Q.3 What’s the release date of Call of Duty MW2?

A: The release date of Call of Duty MW2 is October 28, 2022.

Q.4 Are there any similar characters from MW2 2009?

A: Yes, the number of characters is similar in MW2 from 2022 to 2009. 

5: Q.5 How Many Missions in MW2 2022 Campaign?

A: There are 17 missions in total.

Q.6 Which platform supports MW2 2022?

A: MW2 game is suitable for Xbox, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Windows.

7: Q.7 Does the MW2 2022 contain a ‘No Russian’ mission?

A: No, MW2 2022 doesn’t contain the previous 2009 infamous mission.

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