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How I Get Revenge On My Ex Reddit: Check Details On How Can I Get Revenge on My Ex Boyfriend!

Read exclusive reviews about a post – How I Get Revenge on My Ex Reddit, narrating a girl’s revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

On Tuesday, 8th-November-2022, a post on describes an incident involving two girls, their boyfriend – Max, Max’s mother, and their neighbor Martha. Part-1 describes how Max’s girlfriend took revenge, and part-2 tells about what happened in Max’s life after that.

But did you know who is behind How I Get Revenge on My Ex Reddit posts from the United States and the United Kingdom?

About the Reddit post about revenge on boyfriend:

It must be noted that it is NOT a real-life story! 

Two posts published on r/pettyrevenge is for a Reddit podcast group to share stories about small victories over those who had wronged you. The podcast has 3 million followers!

Disclaimer: We do not promote/demote any podcast or OTT platforms having grown-up content. The details in this article is obtained from various sources from the internet and written for information purpose only.

About the Reddit post about revenge on boyfriend

The exact story was published on Reddit podcast groups – r/TwoHotTakes/, r/ADiscoveryofMe/, and r/redditonwiki/.

Part-1 of the story:

The story begins with a 28-years old girl narrating about her boyfriend, Max. Their apartment was 10-minutes far from the girl’s childhood friend Amy. Three of them used to have fun and enjoyed their company.

The narration of How Can I Get Revenge on My Ex Boyfriend includes profanity and describes various positions of physical acts. *Hence, we are excluding the links to Reddit pages. One day, the girl found Max and Amy cheating on her. They both had an affair.

The girl decided to rent a new room. She was able to withdraw money from Max’s account, which was enough to pay bills and rent in advance.

She met Amy at a hotel and made her jealous by discussing Max’s physical acts with her. Amy’s face became red. That night she lied to Max that Amy had come with Dave(her co-worker), who had been dating Amy for a long time to show How I Get Revenge on My Ex Reddit. Max froze and was breathless. 

The girl finally ditched Max and left for her new room. The girl posted on her friend’s messaging group about how Max and Amy cheated on her.

Part-2 of the story:

Max’s mother called the girl and told her that she had changed her last will and that Max’s brother would inherit all the property. Amy moved into Max’s apartment, but neither had any confidence in each other. Amy often fought with Max about his physical acts with the girl. 

Eventually, Amy moved to another state as described at the end of How I Get Revenge on My Ex Reddit story!

Social media links: excluded due to profanity in the content.


Thousands of podcast channels are on YouTube, and social media, including audiobook OTT. The stories on such podcasts could be real or imaginary. The stories require fresh scenarios to become popular. One of many such stories on Reddit is How I Get Revenge on My Ex. 

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How I Get Revenge on My Ex Reddit – FAQ

1Q. Why is the story trending?

Many Reddit groups copied it, and viewers narrated stories about their Ex-partner cheating on them.

How I Get Revenge on My Ex Reddit - FAQ

2Q. Is it a real-life story?


3Q. Did @TwoHotTakes and @redditonwiki published part-2 of the story from @pettyrevenge pages?


4Q. How many votes did the story receive on @pettyrevenge pages?

More than 16.9K.

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