Alcohol and You How Drinking Too Much Affects Your Looks

Alcohol and You: How Drinking Too Much Affects Your Looks

Many studies show a direct correlation between excessive alcohol consumption and negative changes in physical appearance. Side effects of alcohol include kidney dysfunction and weight loss, but many people don’t know alcohol affects the drinker’s appearance.

From a beer belly to unexplainable hair fall to a drinker’s nose, alcohol can affect your looks in many ways. In today’s age, when skincare and healthy hair are valued more than ever, even the subtle effects of drinking too much alcohol on one’s looks cannot be overlooked. 

Ways in Which Drinking Too Much Can Affect Your Looks

  • Skin Health

One of the most noticeable effects of excessive alcohol consumption on appearance is its impact on the skin. Alcohol promotes fluid loss in the body, which can lead to dehydration. 

Dehydration is often accompanied by dull and dry skin, causing the alcoholic’s face to turn pale and wrinkled. Additionally, alcohol’s nature to cause water loss or the diuretic effect results in loss of nutrients and vitamins.

Dehydrated skin loses its natural elasticity and glow, resulting in fine lines and an overall aged appearance. Alcohol is also responsible for making your face look bloated. 

Excessive drinking for years can aggravate these effects and also give rise to other skin problems like rosacea, which makes the skin red and gives small bumps and puss-filled spots on the face. 

  • Weight Gain

While gaining calories is crucial for the body to fill it up with energy, alcohol provides empty calories; which have no nutritional value. 

These extra calories can lead to weight gain, especially when combined with poor eating habits. As soon as you consume alcohol (which is actually a toxin or ‘poison’ to the internal system), your body starts the process to fight it. 

Prioritizing alcohol removal from the body leads to an interruption in other tasks like absorbing nutrients. Such alteration in the body’s metabolism promotes fat storage in areas like the abdomen giving the alcoholic a “beer belly.”

  • Thinning Hair 

Besides giving you poor skin texture and weight, alcohol can take away your healthy hair. Alcohol interferes with the body’s metabolism, making it difficult for the body to absorb vital nutrients for hair growth. 

A deficiency of such vital nutrients can lead to hair loss and thinning. Furthermore, the dehydration effects of alcohol cause a problem for the scalp by causing dryness and dandruff. 

Limiting alcohol and drinking healthy smoothies can keep the body hydrated and provide essential nutrients. 

If your hair problem has become truly worrisome, you should look for professional treatment ASAP because it is possible to reverse the effects if you quit drinking soon enough. A holistic deaddiction therapy like the WhiteSands Alcohol Rehab in Tampa that combines nutrition and medical treatment can empower you to quit alcohol and regain your hair’s luster and volume.

  • Odor 

Too much alcohol in the system gives you a distinct and unpleasant odor and also some social embarrassment. While the liver does a decent job processing the alcohol, some still get removed from the body through breath, sweat and urine. 

The unpleasant odor occurs due to the elimination of undigested alcohol in the form of urine or sweat. 

  • Eyes

Eyes are a clear indication of someone’s drinking. People who drink too much get bloodshot eyes. Alcohol dilates the blood vessel in the eye, causing the white area or the sclera to turn red. 

Additionally, the diuretic effect of alcohol can result in dry eyes, forcing you to scratch them frequently. Besides getting tearless or dehydrated eyes, you can get dark circles because alcohol disrupts sleep patterns. 


While the effects of drinking too much alcohol are drastic, they are reversible. Cutting down on alcohol or not drinking frequently; can also decrease your chances of getting any serious diseases like cancer or a heart attack.

Those who control their drinking habits or quit for good can observe the positive changes in their bodies. So, if you are an alcoholic, it is time to stop and preserve your youthful looks. 

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