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How Did Vanessa Guillen Die: Does Aaron Robinson Killed Her? Know Cause of Death As Autopsy Facts! Check Reddit & Twitter Trending Photos Update!

The write-up explains How Did Vanessa Guillen Die with all the relevant and important information about the case. So stay tuned to explore more.

Did you watch “I Am Venessa Guillen”? Netflix has come up with a new true crime documentary series. People from the United States and worldwide are curious to know about Vanessa Guillen and how she died.

This documentary will cover who was behind the death of Vanessa Guillen and how her family relentlessly fought for justice. So keep reading this article to know How Did Vanessa Guillen Die.


What was the reason behind the death of Vanessa Guillen?

Officials arrested Aaron Robinson, an army specialist, and his girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar, for the murder of Vanessa Guillen. According to the court’s official documents, Aaron struck Vanessa Guillen on her head with a hammer and ended up killing her; later, he hid her corpse in a large box and even tried to burn and dismember Vanessa’s body.

What happened to Aaron Robinson and Cecily Aguilar?

Aaron Robinson killed himself with a gun just before the few days when charges against him were made public. On 14 July 2020, his girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar pleaded to the Grand Jury not guilty, and her trial has been scheduled for the beginning of January 2023.

According to the NYT, there will be no further discussion done by the army leaders for the murder case of Vanessa Guillen.

What did Vanessa Guillen’s family do after knowing her Autopsy report?

After knowing the reason behind the horrible death of Vanessa and the fact that Vanessa herself told her mother that she was being harassed by her fellow superior, her family member was furious. In the pursuit, they met Donald Trump. They unleashed their rage because of how the case was handled within the army.

In August 2022, Natalie Khawam, Guillen’s family Lawyer because of Vanessa’s Cause of Death, filed a lawsuit of $35 Million against the US Army for wrongful death and assault.

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Aaron struck a hammer multiple times on Vanessa’s head and ended up killing her. The US army seems to conceal wrongdoing.

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Twitter (FAQs)

1-How impactful was the documentary on Vanessa Guillen came out? 

A- People are using #IAmVenesaGuillen all over Twitter and supporting Venessa’s family in every way possible

2- When did Venessa Guillen Die?

A- Vanessa Guillen died on 22 April 2022

3-What is the I Am Venessa Guillen Act?

A- According to Reddit this Act will revamp charges and military investigation against assaults 

4-How old was Venessa Guillen when she was killed?

A- Venessa was 20 years old when Aaron Robinson killed her

5- Where can the Photos of Vanessa Guillen be found?

A- Photos of Vanessa are available over the internet, including social media platforms

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