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Hounds Crypto (Aug 2021) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction!

This article will cover up entire details concerning the currency which is made to hunt down the Dogecoin and Shaiba puppies, and the Coin name is Hounds Crypto.

Worldwide, people are curious to dig out each useful information of the Hounds Crypto and acknowledge if the Coin is good enough to invest in or not.

Hound by the name itself denotes a dog breed which are purposely used for hunting. The Coin is said to be developed over the popularity of Dogecoin and to hunt down all the Shibas.

Well, this was just the introduction to the Coin. You need to follow up on this blog until the end and learn from scratch about the Hound token.

Do note every useful information given down.

What Is Hounds Crypto Coin?

The Hound Coin eats up Shiba puppies and doge for breakfast. The Hound website states in a world full of Shibas, the Coin aims to Hound puppies Coin. The Hound is a meme token created over the popularity of the crypto dogecoin and the subsequent copycats.

Hound network is a group of crypto enthusiasts who tried to examine all the puppies coming into the market and made an idea to form the big dog in the platform named The Hound.

The genre games of thrones inspire the Hounds Crypto with the combination of the trend of Doge hype. The Coin has no further utility other than the meme token. The Coin was discovered with a fixed supply rate.

CTH Market Statistics And Price

  • Crypto Hound: $0.524950
  • Market Cap: no information 
  • Market cap dominance: 0.00%
  • Trading volume: $1469,404
  • Market cap/Vol: no data
  • Twenty-four hours high: $0.579466
  • Twenty-four-hour low: $0.358492
  • Seven day high: $0.579466
  • Seven day low: $0.358429
  • Market cap rank: N/A
  • All-time high: $0.579466
  • All-time low: $0.358429
  • This was Hounds Coin Price Data.

Crypto Hound Price Live Data 

Today’s price of Hound Coin is $0.524950. Its volume trading in twenty-four hours is $1,469,404. The Hounds Crypto is noted to be up by 35.0% in the previous twenty-four hours.

The circulating supply is 0 CTH Coin, and the overall total supply is 20 million. So, if you intend to trade Hound token, you may go to pancake swap and get the token from there. 

About Hound 

  • Currency name: Crypto Hound 
  • Contract address: 0xb7148ae5745f4753673511b1315d6089e64d83d1
  • Decimals: 9
  • Holders: 4794 addresses 
  • Transfers: 95,560
  • Total supply: 20,000,000 CTH

How To Buy Hound Crypto Coin

Well, there is no such platform that discusses the Hound Coin purchasing steps particularly. The information is not available regarding the steps to trade Hound Crypto.

Well, you can easily follow similar steps as one follows buying the other altcoins. The Hounds Coin is averagely known among people, but the Coin aims to be growing in the market in the coming months.

You may get the entire concept of Hound token on its official website.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What Is the short term of Hound Coin?

Ans. CTH token

  1. What’s the contract address of the CTH token?

Ans. 0xb7148ae5745f4753673511b1315d6089e64d83d1

  1. What’s the total initial supply of CTH Coin?

Ans. 1,000,000,000,000,000 CTH token

  1. What’s the uniswap liquidity of CTH currency?

Ans. 400,000,000,000,000


Hounds Crypto is a meme coin that is developed to hunt little puppies around the Crypto market. The Coin can be bought from pancake swap currently by reading out How to Buy Cryptocurrency (2021), a perfect guide.

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