HIX Article Rewriter Review in 2023

HIX Article Rewriter Review in 2023

The HIX Article Rewriter, ArticleGPT, is an advanced AI-powered paraphrasing tool that is designed to help users instantly transform any existing content into original text to avoid plagiarism. Also, since it uses natural language processing algorithms, the rewriter can understand the context of the content, which ensures that the core message of the generated text isn’t altered in the process.

Getting started with the article rewriter on HIX.AI website is also very simple, as even first-time users can navigate their way through the interface with very minimal difficulty. All one needs to do is create an account on the platform. The ArticleGPT rewriter is only available on the Pro plan, which means that you will need to pay $39.99/month to access the tool and its feature set.

Once subscribed, you can copy and paste the existing content into the rewriter. You will also be able to tailor the content to suit your desired style preferences such as tone of voice, language, target audience, etc. When ready, simply click on the ‘Generate’ button and within seconds, the tool will generate a 100% unique rewrite.

What Are The Capabilities of HIX Article Rewriter

What Are The Capabilities of HIX Article Rewriter?

The rewriting tool from HIX.AI stands out from the rest of its counterparts in the market because it is an extremely versatile tool that caters to a wide range of use cases. To be precise, it does well to shine in the following key aspects:

  • Effective content restructuring: As mentioned before, ArticleGPT can understand the meaning of each piece of content, which enables it to rewrite the text without compromising the overall meaning. This makes it a great tool that can be relied on for a wide range of uses, be it personal or professional.
  • Enriched content: Unlike most basic rewriting tools, AI-powered sites like HIX.AI are capable of understanding your content, which means that it can even improve the content by rewriting it with more polished grammar, vocabulary, and even better sentence structures. This makes it ideal for those that struggling to revise their content for greater readability.
  • Multiple content variations: With help from HIX.AI’s rewriter, users can instantly generate multiple variations of the original text to express the same ideas. This gives them more options to choose from, which ensures that they cannot only pick the most well-written text but even overcome writer’s block in the process.
  • Simplify/Shorten content: There are times when you may want to convey a complex topic in an easy-to-understand way but may find yourself struggling to do so effectively. With this rewriting tool, it becomes easy to take complex or lengthy content and condense it into short, clear, and effective text that is easier for readers to understand.
  • Accurate content translation: The added benefit of this AI rewriter is that you can translate any original content into 50+ different languages within a matter of seconds. And unlike traditional translators, there will be no contextual errors to worry about, which allows users to create content that appeals to native audiences.

Who Is HIX Article Rewriter Designed For?

When you consider the list of features above, it’s easy to see how the tool can appeal to a wide range of users. For example, marketing professionals who typically create content for email, social media, or promotional advertising often need to convey the same type of information in different ways. With this AI rewriter, it becomes easy to consistently craft multiple variations of the same content that convey the same message.

Another group of users that would find this tool useful are students, researchers, and academics who typically need help producing reports, papers, essays and other forms of written work. With ArticleGPT, it becomes easy for them to avoid plagiarism by ensuring that any content they put together is rewritten well enough to pass the test of academic scrutiny.

In addition, SEO marketers can also rely on this rewriter to quickly produce search-engine-friendly content in bulk for their brands and clients. After all, with this tool, it becomes easy to repurpose old content and create new articles that can help to draw in wider audiences. Plus, with its language translation features, they can generate content for native audiences, as well.

Who Is HIX Article Rewriter Designed For

What Are The Pros of Using HIX Article Rewriter?

Several benefits come with choosing HIX.AI’s rewriting tool. Some of these key advantages include:

  • Easy to use – It is an incredibly easy-to-use tool that comes with an intuitive and well-designed interface, in contrast to most other rewriters that tend to come with overly complex and slow UIs.
  • Free trial – HIX.AI enables users to test out their article rewriter tool through a limited free trial. This way, you can at least determine if it satisfies all your content writing needs before making a financial commitment. 
  • Natural-sounding text – Most rewriting tools typically regurgitate content that sounds like it was pulled from a thesaurus. However, the HIX Article rewriter uses advanced NLP algorithms that pay attention to proper writing, which ensures the content flows naturally and coherently.
  • Plagiarism-free content – With this rewriter, any content it churns out will be completely plagiarism-free, as it utilizes advanced algorithms to re-create the text with unique vocabulary, phrases and sentence structures. It also manages to do this without compromising the content’s original meaning.

What Are The Cons of Using HIX Article Rewriter?

  • Requires a paid plan – While the rewriter does provide first-time users with a free trial period, you will still need to subscribe to HIX.AI’s paid plans to access it over the long term. This can be inconvenient for those who may be on a limited budget or simply need to use the tool on occasion.
  • Requires Online Access – Unfortunately, the HIX Article rewriter can only be accessed with an active internet connection, as it can only process rewritten content through its server. This means that offline working is unavailable, which can be inconvenient for some writers.

What To Consider When Using HIX Article Rewriter?

As reliable and effective as this AI rewriter can be, it is important to keep in mind that these tools can’t be used as a replacement for human creativity and input. In other words, you should not make the mistake of thinking you can rely on it to do all the heavy lifting by rewriting content from elsewhere and publishing it as your own.

After all, there are still ethical considerations to consider, which means that if you intend to rewrite someone else’s content, you should also make sure to cite them accordingly. Furthermore, it is crucial that you also take the time to proofread the content before publishing it. 

This is because, much like any other AI-powered tool, the HIX article rewriter is not perfect. Sometimes it may not accurately rewrite the text, especially if the content is highly technical or complex, so take the time to review the content and make any necessary revisions if needed.


The HIX Article Rewriter is an extremely efficient AI tool that can help you quickly produce 100% unique articles in bulk. It offers users access to multiple customization features and a smooth user interface, as well as an advanced language model that consistently churns out polished, human-like paraphrased content in just a few clicks.

Suffice it to say, it is a leading contender for anyone who requires a reliable writing assistant to satisfy their content creation needs, no matter what their respective field or industry may be. Plus, they do offer a free trial, so there’s no reason to not take it out for a test run to see just how effective it is at optimizing your daily workflow.

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