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[Update] Hitman Holla Cinnamon Tape: Who Are Hitman Holla and Cinnamon? Explore Complete Details On Their Age, Challenge, And Net Worth

This research on Hitman Holla Cinnamon Tape will give you all the mandatory details on the leaked tape of Cinnamon and Hitman.

Which video of Hitman and Cinnamon went viral on internet? Was the tape leaked recently? A few years back, video footage of Hitman and Cinnamon went viral in the United States, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. This Hitman Holla Cinnamon Tape was one of the most sensational news at that time. Nowadays also, people are talking about this tape as people are searching for their personal life details. So, please read it below.


Cinnamon and Hitman Holla Tape! 

According to online sources, Hitman and Cinnamon have been dating each other for many years. However, in 2021, a tape of Hitman and Cinnamon went viral in which they can be seen getting intimate with each other. This video was posted on the Snapchat account of Hitman Holla in his close friends list to which 30 of his female friends were added. However, this video went viral somehow.

Hitman Holla and Cinnamon Age!

Gerald Fulton Jr., popularly known as Hitman Holla, is a renowned battle rapper and former athlete. He was born in St. Louis on March 29, 1988. He is 35 years old. He started his career as a battle rapper in the year 2008 when he first had a battle rapping against RemyD. He was a former athlete when he was in college, but decided to turn his life into battle rapping. 

Cinnamon was born on January 28, 1994. She is 28 years old and is a popular social media personality, actor, and entrepreneur. She is known for being the fiance of popular rapper, Hitman Holla. She had been dating Hitman for a long time. After Hitman Holla Cinnamon Tape went viral, people started talking about the couple. Although the update is quite old, it is still being searched on the internet.

DISCLAIMER: We are bound while sharing any kind of explicit content. It is due to our website’s strict policy. So, the link to this video has not been shared in this post. If you need to check this video, then you should search for it on the web engines and other sites having explicit content. Also, if you are above 18, then only you should watch the video.

Know The Asset Value Of Hitman!

As per online sources, the Net Worth of Hitman Holla is around $7 million. He charges $30,000 for each battle. His monthly salary is more than $40,000. He also owns his clothing line which is popularly known as Ball Game. 


Wrapping up this post, we have shared all crucial details on the leaked footage of Hitman and Cinnamon. We tried to mention other details related to them. In case of any interrogation, you can reach us anytime.

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Hitman Holla Cinnamon Challenge: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old is Hitman Holla? 

Ans. Hitman Holla is currently 35 years old.

Q2. How old is Cinnamon?

Ans. She is 28 years old. 

Q3. What is the asset value of Hitman Holla?

Ans. Hitman Holla’s current asset value is Dollar 7 million. 

Q4. What is the relationship status of Hitman Holla?

Ans. As per online sources, Hitman Holla is dating Cinnamon.

Q5. What is the current update on Hitman and Cinnamon?

Ans. According to online sources, in 2021, the explicit video of Hitman and Cinnamon went viral. Hitman Holla Cinnamon Tape went viral on several social media sites.

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