Complete Information About 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring a Car in Dubai

6 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring a Car in Dubai

Renting your favorite car in Dubai is a great experience. However, you need to have the right knowledge to make your experience a good one. There are a few common car rental mistakes that can take the excitement away. Dubai luxury car rental industry is one of the bigger ones around the world. Also, the city is the tourism capital of the world and also is a big business hub in the region.

Whether you are hiring a luxury car for a family trip or a sports car for a personal trip, getting the right price is very important. Also, Dubai offers practically any brand or model you can ever wish for. Exotic luxury and sports cars are found casually in the city. There is never any reason to settle for something that is not your first choice. So, here are some mistakes to avoid when renting a car in Dubai:

Top 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring a Car in Dubai

1: Never Rent a Great Car for the Wrong Trip

Sports cars are great in their own way. Also, luxury cars are great offering their set of unique features. SUVs have their application as well. Yet, there is no one right type of car for every preference. Depending on the nature of your trip, it is important to rent the right car. Some considerations include:

  • How many people will accompany you on the trip and does the car or SUV you are hiring have the required seating capacity?
  • Are you on a personal or a business trip? Different road trips require different types of luxury and exotic features.
  • Will your trip include off-roading experiences like desert safaris? Only powerful SUVs are capable of exciting desert driving.

The car or vehicle you are considering needs to have features specific to your trip requirements. A Rolls Royce Dawn is a luxury sports car that will only provide 2 seats. Also, a Ferrari will never be a great choice for a desert safari. Do your research and rent the right car for the right trip for the best experience.

2: Avoid Car Rental Contract Extensions

Often, people find themselves wanting to keep the rental car for more days. Whether your Dubai vacation gets extended or the business trip gets longer, avoid car rental contract extensions. When you extend the car rental contract, the rental company might have to cancel other bookings. They will charge a good premium for that.

Also, if you got a good rental price deal, it might not be available with extensions. The days you add to your contract might be charged at a different (higher) price. So, it is often better to cancel the rental contract and return the car on time. You can start another rental contract when required.

3: Never Ignore the Importance of an Insurance Coverage

When on a vacation, insurance coverage for your car rental might seem outrageous. However, the additional price for insurance is well worth the investment. It will save you from unwanted inconveniences. When on the road, you never know what might come your way.

So, never rent a car in Dubai without insurance. Whether you select an Audi for rent in Dubai or something more exotic like a Ferrari, always get insurance coverage. This can be the difference between having an exciting vacation and not so much.

4: Don’t Miss Out on Comparing Prices for a Few Models

When renting a car in Dubai or any market, it is important to compare prices. Some service providers often have attractive deals and discounts going at different times. The only way to find out about these is to research fully and thoroughly.

Compare prices online where possible. Use price comparison websites if available. Also, look at the prices listed on the websites of top local car rental companies in Dubai. The same car will be listed at different prices on different websites. Select the one that is the cheapest and provides the most benefits and advantages.

5: Avoid Using Airport Car Rental Companies

Saving money when on a vacation helps make everything else much better. Airport car rental companies are usually the most expensive. These service providers use the power of monopoly. There are not many car rental companies available at the airport. This is why they don’t have any competition.

So, it is best to avoid airport car hire companies. Book your rental car online in advance. Make the booking early to avail cheaper prices as well. Find quality car rental companies in Dubai and ask for prices to compare. Book online or call them up to make the booking for delivery when required.

6: Never Miss Out on Your Rental Car Inspection

Rental cars need to be returned in exactly the same condition as received. Even the slightest damage including a paint chip or a minor dent may cost highly with expensive cars. So, make sure to thoroughly inspect your rental car as it arrives.

Look for dings and dents that can be passed down to you when returning. Take close-up pictures or make a short video of anything you find suspicious. This will help get the whole advance deposit amount back when returning the car.

Where to Find the Best Car Rental Company in Dubai?

So, where to hire your dream car in Dubai from? The best thing to do is to go online and give it a proper search. Read online social media reviews to find out about quality. Also, VIP Rent a Car and Faster Car Rental are some of the best car hire service providers in the city.

Look for the best prices and other add-on features like free delivery and collection. If you can get a higher daily mileage limit, you will have greater liberty to enjoy the car. Find the best service provider to make your experience a great one.

Final Words

Avoid all these abovementioned car rentals in Dubai mistakes for a smooth experience. Return the car on time without any contract extensions. Rent the right car for the right trip. Consider all the factors and features required. Compare rental prices and do a proper inspection of the rental car as it arrives. Return it in the same condition as it arrived to get your full deposit amount back with no deductions. 

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