Everything You Need To Know To Hire Kitchen Remodeling Services

Everything You Need To Know To Hire Kitchen Remodeling Services

Renovating your kitchen will improve not only its look but also its functionality. In addition, your home resale value will go up, and you will feel refreshed working in a brand-new kitchen that’s been made to your taste. 

Even just fitting new Kitchen worktops in London is not easy enough to be taken on as a DIY job. You will need professional Kitchen Remodeling Services to get it done and done well too. There are many more benefits to getting the job done by an expert compared to doing it yourself. So how do you hire professionals? Well, it’s not easy, but once you hire a professional, you can expect your kitchen to be remodeled without additional hassle on your part. Moreover, all you need to do is check their credentials, see if they meet the criteria for what you need, and et voila! You’ve got yourself a kitchen remodeler. 

Kitchen Remodeling Services encompass more than one responsibility. Unlike other rooms, this is multiple jobs disguised as one. Can your remodeler do all of that? If they do, how much are they charging for it? If it is affordable, is their workmanship good? These are all doubts that might be swirling in your mind as you’re looking to hire Kitchen remodelers. 

Let’s take a look at the best ways to find a good remodeler!

How About A General Contractor?

You can work with a general contractor if you find a good one1

Some general contractors have immense experience in kitchen remodeling and may thus suit your purpose just fine. Other than this, it can’t hurt to use their services if they have a respectable amount of experience in various projects. It can also be beneficial to work with them, given that they have sufficient experience building kitchens. If they do, they can be a great choice as they will have a wider experience to bring to the table.

They can handle everything from installing Kitchen worktops in London to renovating your entire kitchen.

Finding A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

The first place you should search is always your personal network. This means your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and other acquaintances. Then you can find contractors on Facebook, Google, and many third-party websites that pool services. 

Find contractors from these sources and make a list of them. Finalize the few that you like best and check them out. Begin by speaking to them and giving them the details about your kitchen remodel. See what services they can provide and how much it will cost you. At this stage, you should also ask to see their license and insurance and only proceed further if they have all the right credentials. 

Working With A Kitchen Specialist

Other than a general contractor, you can also work with a kitchen specialist. They will have a background working solely with kitchens. Their experience in building and renovating kitchens can be useful when you want to redo your whole kitchen. As their niche focus is on kitchens, you might be getting a more seasoned professional to work on your space. While it is not a guarantee, they may bring more to the table than a general contractor, but this depends on what kind of kitchen you’re looking to convert your existing one into. 

A super-modern, smart kitchen with integrated electrical appliances is currently the dream of many homeowners. Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services providers will surely be able to bring it to life. A general contractor, on the other hand, can do this only if you choose the right one. 

Credentials To Look Out For

General contractors and kitchen remodelers need to be licensed and insured. After all, they will do more than just fit your Kitchen worktops in London. This means they should be certified by the right body and hold all the appropriate insurance. You should ask them for these documents when you consult with them. Use the internet to check their authenticity and validity immediately.

A key concern is expired licenses and insurance, so make sure to check this thoroughly. If they are validated and certified by The Guild Of Master Craftsmen, this is even better. It shows the quality of their work as well as their diligence and business spirit. 

The Services

There are three main aspects to kitchen remodeling, they are:

  • Tearing down the old kitchen
  • Repair and restoration work
  • Constructing the new kitchen

A kitchen remodeling team will take care of all of these duties from the very beginning. They will cover every aspect of the job and have a team do it. General contractors, on the contrary, might hire subcontractors for some parts of the job that they are not trained for or do not have the team for. While this is not a problem, make sure that it will not cost you extra.

What You Should Ask Them

There are a couple of questions you should ask your remodeler to ensure that they’re right for the job. Here are a few examples that you can borrow from. 

  • Their license and insurance – prioritize this. 
  • General contractors and kitchen remodelers usually have a team lead or project head and others who take instructions from them. You should ensure all of them have sufficient experience to get it done. 
  • Ask for references! You can ask them to take a look at their previous projects and see how much you like their work before hiring them. 
  • As you discuss charges, make sure there aren’t additional fees added. 
  • Ask if they can provide an estimate. It will not cost them anything, so they should be able to provide you with a quote or an estimate if you need it. 


Your kitchen remodeling will be more straightforward than it seems as long as you have a professional by your side. Check their credentials and work experience, and you’ll have master craftsmen by your side. 

At Slabs & Stones, we provide kitchen worktops and will also help fit them for you. So you don’t have to worry about your worktop, and you can focus on the rest of the renovation. 

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