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Highway Barton Accident: Is It Closed Due To Crash Incident? Check Updates Now!

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Accident of Barton Highway:

A tragic accident on the Barton Highway killed four people, and a fifth person was brutally injured. The crash occurred at around 6.45 am on 7th April Friday in the south of Murrumbateman, close to the border between New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory with two utes.

The victims, consisting of a female driver and male passenger in a Mitsubishi Triton and a male driver and male passenger in a Ford Ranger, have not been formally identified, and their ages are still not disclosed. Unfortunately, they all lost their lives on the scene.

The Barton Highway Crash has caused the Barton Highway to be closed in both directions since the incident, causing delays and inconvenience for other motorists. One of the male passengers in the Ford has been treated on the spot and taken to the hospital for further medical attention.

Does anyone complain about this Highway near Barton?

For years, residents have voiced their dissatisfaction with the poor condition of Barton Highway. This highway, which connects Canberra with New South Wales, is one of only three main roads in the region, with a speed limit of 100kph. Despite this, it has just two lanes for most of its 52-kilometer stretch.

A report published by the NSW government four years ago revealed that the Barton Highway had a casualty crash rate almost 50% higher than roads of a similar classification. To address these issues, the federal and NSW governments have pledged to expand the highway into a four-lane motorway. However, the project has only begun and can take many years to complete.

Is Barton Highway Closed?

Yes, the road was closed until the police cleared all the damaged parts of those two vehicles and cleaned the road. Now traffic has become routine. Our plea to all drivers is uncomplicated: please abide by traffic regulations. It is important to adhere to the speed limit and drive according to the prevailing weather conditions. 

Additionally, it is critical not to operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you plan on consuming alcohol, it is recommended that you have a backup plan. The focus should always be on the road rather than your mobile devices. We request that all motorists take this message seriously to ensure a safe and uneventful weekend.

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Final Verdict:

On 7th April 2023, a brutal car accident happened south of Murrumbateman, close to the border between New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Four people lost their lives, and another person was brutally injured and sent to the hospital now. 

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Highway Barton Accident: FAQs

1 Is the identification of those four people available in the public domain?

Not yet.

2 How many lanes does Barton Highway have?

2 lanes.

3 Did any other accident happen a few days ago?


4 Do the Australian government give any compensation to the victim’s family?

Not yet been disclosed.

5 What is the customer support number of crime support?

1800 333 000.

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