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This article on Hey Guys I Guess That It Real Video Unblurred will give you details on the suicide case of Ronnie McNutt.

Do you know about the suicide case of Ronnie McNutt? The videos of the suicide of Ronnie have been circulating online. Hey Guys I Guess That It Real Video Unblurred created a disturbing ambiance as people could not tolerate the content shown in the video. This suicide case became popular in the United States. Today, we will share details on this suicide case. So, please read it.

Real Video Of Ronnie McNutt: Hey Guys I Guess That’s It! 

As per online sources, Ronnie McNutt, a young man of 33, took his life and his suicide was livestreamed on Facebook. This video spread all over on Reddit and other social media sites. This incident took place on August 31, 2020. It seemed like a normal day when Ronnie used to come live on his social media platforms. Nobody knew what he was going to do during this livestream. The intention of Ronnie that day could not be pre-assumed. Even his best friend, Steen, and his mother attended the livestream. It was his ex-girlfriend who had called him last. 

In the video viral on Telegram, his last words were “Hey Guys I Guess That’s It” and then he shot himself. His last message to the people was that there should be someone in your life who could motivate you and say that you have a future ahead.

As per sources, Ronnie after taking up the call of his ex-girlfriend and argued with her kept the phone and took the gun and shot himself under the chin. The whole scene was recorded in the live stream. This video was spread on many social media platforms making it one of the most controversial topics of all time.

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Reason Behind Suicide Video On Tiktok

Many people are making different assumptions about the reason behind this suicide, but nothing has been clarified. Some people assumed that his ex-girlfriend could be the reason behind his suicide as they both had a heated argument before Ronnie McNutt shot himself. But, nothing has been confirmed. The police investigated the matter. People who had joined his livestream were informed about this suicide. On Instagram, this video was also uploaded. 

Earlier FB had denied removing the video from their platform which led to rapid circulation of this video on other sites. They claimed that this video did not go against their policy. However, later they agreed to remove the video, and the video was deleted from their platform officially. However, people who installed the video still circulated it on Twitter and other sites. 

DISCLAIMER: We did not share the video as it contains disturbing content. We could only share the information related to it.

The Public’s Reaction!

As per online sources, many young people who watched the video were distressed after watching this video. The parents of a young girl revealed that she could not sleep without lights as she was stressed. There were other examples of post-traumatic disorder after people encountered this video. 


Summing up this post, this video on Youtube and other social media platforms created disturbance as it was undoubtedly an intolerable video. Ronnie McNutt may be going through a hard time due to which he had to take this step. 

Were you shocked to know about this suicide case? Please let us know if you have seen the suicide video of Ronnie McNutt. 

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