Herpes Coin Crypto {June 2021} Price, How to Buy

Herpes Coin Crypto {June 2021} Price, How to Buy?

Herpes Coin Crypto {June 2021} Price, How to Buy? >> This guide will help you in getting detailed information like whitepaper detail, price and market cap of a crypto coin, designed for people welfare.

Herpes community starts their work with no intention to become viral as it did. Herpes Coin is the viral cryptocurrency that starts with a light-hearted joke. Its purpose is to help in the research of STD and create awareness among the people.

Herpes Coin Crypto is popular for its welfare among 194 countries, and the United States is on top of them.

About Herpes Coin:

Herpes is associated with three basic aim:

Welfare initiative – Its first aim is to donate medical bills and STD through wallet like NFT sales, Merchandise sale, and the donation wallet.

Remove the silence – Silence is not the way to solve any problem. So, open the conversation and spread the love through jokes and arts

Be Fun – Spread the happiness instead of seriousness in life.

As the $HERPES community proceeds and launched this coin, they face many issues like a bug in the contact and incomplete initial Tokenomics. With countless efforts of their team, they sorted everything, and now upgraded Herpes Coin Crypto with new and better features.

Herpes Coin White Paper Detail

  • As per Herpes Whitepaper, the total $HERPES is decentralized to various other wallets as detailed below: –
  • 10% in Giveaway Wallet with address – 0xAB3bb75Cc752eD7aB2E852FA25b22ed96D89d163
  • 20% in Burn Wallet with address – 0xc34186d65d01ee874D4cD015BA128C91e5A27cF6
  • 20% in Donation Wallet with address – 0x0c4BF47F44D2Ea7bc482f8f173C1f7E069dD1Ff4
  • 20% in Locked Liquidity Reserve with address – 0xF0053349d40417F79FB75D59551fCa435AA16ccD
  • 30% in Exchange Reserve with address – 0x08bc3cFF40Daf16c87C720c7478672e146Dc84bF
  • $HERPES Contract Address – 0x1f14e0F13471fea5990cf697945eD676885f42C3.

As per Herpenomics, every transaction made with $ HERPES shares its 8% to holders and 2% in Auto-Liquidity.

Herpes Coin Crypto Price and Volume

Today’s market cap of this crypto coin says that the live price of Herpes is $0.00000000558112 with the trading volume of 4.987K.

Market Cap and Holders Address

As per today’s statistics, the total supply available for Herpes Coin is 696,969,696,969,696.969696 HERPES, and the total number of herpes coin holders found worldwide is 347 addresses.

How to Buy Herpes Coin?

  • First, you should have the trust wallet application downloaded with you and set up for it. In trust wallet, you can store your Herpes Coin Crypto.
  • After doing the setup, you have to search for the app with any random token name. You will see the ‘Add Custom Token’ button at the bottom.
  • Click on this button, and a form will open. Here select ‘Smart Chain’ in the Network field.
  • Add the token contact address as ‘0x1f14e0F13471fea5990cf697945eD676885f42C3’ and fill other details. The Decimal should be 9 only.
  • After this, click the DONE button to finish the $HERPES setup.
  • You can also send and receive this token from this wallet. For receiving Herpes Coin Crypto, you need to share your receiving address with the person from whom you are getting.
  • For sending tokens, add the recipient address and the amount you have to send.
  • For swapping tokens, go to Pancake Swap app via the Dapps section. 
  • Select the token from the dropdown for which you need to convert to Herpes and select ‘Herpes’ in the ‘To’ section and fill the amount. Then click the swap button, and you are done. Feel free to read here about best crypto of 2021


Q1. What is the Official Website of Herpes Coin?

A1. https://herpes.finance/

Q2. What is the token name of Herpes Coin?



Herpes Coin Crypto was launched around 5 years back to protect spreading of STD, helping in its research and covering their medical bills. In this small meantime, it has covered 194 countries and also has many participants. You can explore its complete information on 

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