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The guide shares details about the new play-and-earn game and Herofi NFT items to earn easy money.

Play to earn is the new concept that is getting quite famous amongst worldwide gamers. Every day, a new game is launched on Blockchain that lets players earn tokens by playing online games. 

HeroFi is the new mobile RPG game that lets players play a game to earn real money. Players can earn tokens via PvE/PvP battles between the game heroes or characters. Each hero is unique and accessible to all gamers. 

These heroes are considered NFTs that players can collect and trade for real money. Therefore, Herofi NFT is getting popular amongst the players in the Philippines and Brazil.      

What is HeroFi?

HeroFi is the mobile RPG game based on Blockchain technology. It lets the players play and earn tokens via battles between the heroes. The game is free to play, and players can earn tokens in this NFT game. 

The game has many NFT items that players can collect trade in the market for real cash. For example, players can farm or allow heroes to marry in the game to give birth to new heroes, which will act as NFT items in the market. Then, players can sell them for real cash. So, get your Herofi NFT today and start earning money.  

What is ROFI Token?

ROFI is the in-game currency or the native token of the RPG game. It plays a crucial role in the sustainable play-and-earns platform of the game. The tokens can be traded on DEXes. 

The token is regularly distributed at the rate of 10 tokens per block, and it is assigned to all heroes as per their star ratings and skills.   

Who are the Founders?

As per the records on the official website, Hai Hoang is the CEO and Founder of HeroFi. Tuan Pham is the CPO and Co-Founder, and Hieu Bui is the Co-Founder and COO of HeroFi. In addition, Logan and Thanh Dao are the advisors of Herofi NFT. 

Over seventy people are working in the company, and the game has over 300 000 000 players worldwide. 

Market Stats of Herofi

HeroFi tokens are earned in the game, and they are not available for trading on exchanges. The tokens are expected to be launched on 6th Sept 2021. So, we have no data available about the token.

Investors have to wait until the token is launched to learn about the live market cap, circulating supply, and live price data of the token.

Players are requested to play the game and keep earning the ROFI tokens or real money by selling the items in the marketplace.  

How to Get the Herofi NFT Items?

The in-game characters act as the items in the game, and they have a gender and star rating. Players get one-star character NFT for free upon joining the game, and it is for free. These characters can be paired to produce new NFTs, engage in combats, farming, and trade on the marketplaces for real cash. 

The more unique NFT characters you produce, the more money you earn from them in the marketplace. 


Q1. What is the Official Website of HeroFi?

A1. The official website of HeroFi is https://herofi.io/

Q2. When is the $ROFI Token Expected to Launch?

A2. $ ROFI Token is expected for launch on 6th Sept 2021.

Q3. How Many Players HeroFi Has?

A3. Herofi NFT has over 300 000 000+ players worldwide. 

To Sum Up

The items are getting quite famous amongst the players as it lets them play, battle, hatch new characters, and even earn money by selling them in the HeroFi marketplace.     

If you are passionate about games and want to make money out of them, HeroFi is the platform that is worth a visit. But, ensure to check what you must know before jumping into crypto investment.

Would you mind sharing your opinion on the new play-and-earn game and Herofi NFT in the comments section?

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