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Heroes Empires Token (Dec) How To Buy? Contract Address

The guide shares information about the P2E game and the native NFT asset of the game, Heroes Empires Token.

The play-2-Earn mechanism is emerging as the popular choice for earning Crypto Tokens. Investors from Turkey are attracted to the mechanism, and they are now playing the Blockchain backed RPG game called Heroes Empires.

Heroes Empires take the gamers into the immerging fantasy world of Heroes and Empires, where they have to participate in the tactical battles and win them for rewards. Players have to lead the heroes in the battles and win them to earn rewards, including HE tokens, valuable NFT assets.     

Players can trade their Heroes Empires Token or use them in the HE ecosystem for the highest profits. 

What is HE Token?

Heroes and Empires is the newly launched strategy battle game combining the unique characteristics of RPG and strategies of auto chess, and it is based on Blockchain Technology. It uses the native token to reward the winners, and it is referred to as the HE token. 

Players from Turkey benefit from the NFT characteristics of the game to create items and characters in the game. The HE Token even helps the players to earn a stable income via DeFi integrations while enjoying the features of the new P2E game on the Blockchain platform. 

Players can also sell their Heroes Empires Token for money, or they may use it as assets in the HE ecosystem to heighten their profit margins via DeFi features like borrowing, lending, staking.

Who is the Founder of HE Token?

Heroes and Empires is the new Blockchain-based P2E game developed and launched by IMBA Studio and CryptoViet Labs. Megala Ventures has also collaborated with the other two developers to launch the game.

However, it is not clear who launched the NFT asset or HE Token for the game. The company has 60 full-time employees, and it is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.      

The Market Stats, Value and Supply of Heroes Empires Token

  • The ICO price of the token is $0.010000. It is available in the ICO Drops, and the fundraising goal is $125 000 with a personal capitalization of $100-$400.
  • The initial market capitalization of the token is $800 500, and the fully diluted market cap of the HE token is $10 000 000. However, the market rank of the token is still vague. 
  • The initial circulating supply of the token is 50 050 000 HE tokens. The maximum circulating supply of the Heroes Empires Token will never increase 1 000 000 000 HE.   

How to Buy HE Token?

  • Sign-up with a digital wallet and add funds it supports
  • Link your wallet to Binance Exchange
  • Transfer the supported currency like ETH, BTC or BNB
  • Use the contract address (0xb63b0d080825cfbf307d5627b84c6f44a87030ef) to find the token in the exchange
  • Check the live value of the token and the ICO price before buying
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Click on the “Swap” button to buy Heroes Empires Token
  • Hold the token to use as NFT assets or buying items in the game  


Q1. What is the Official Site of HE Token?

A1. https://heroesempires.com/ is the official site of HE Token.

Q2. Which Contract Address to Use?

A2. You have to use 0xb63b0d080825cfbf307d5627b84c6f44a87030ef when buying it on Binance Exchange.

Q3. What is the Present ICO Price of HE Token?

A3. At the time of writing, the ICO price of the token is $0.010000.


Heroes Empires is the new Blockchain Technology based game where Heroes Empires Token is used as the NFT asset for buying game items or taking them for more profits. 

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What is your view regarding the HE Token? Would you mind sharing it in the comment box below?

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