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Herdle Wordle Game {April} Find Tips And Clues To Play!

Do you want to know about Herdle Wordle Game? Read the article to find each and every detail to play this game and win.

Wordle Game has gained attraction since October 2022. Word games has its presence right since years, be it virtual or board games we have been enjoying them since long time. People from various countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, etc. 

Herdle Wordle Game is an another version of Wordle game, but with a highlight of the music. Isn’t is exciting? Stay tuned till the end of this article to grab all the information about the new Wordle game. 

How to play? 

Herdle game comes up with a challenge every day. Follow these easy steps to access the game and play. 

  • Once you press on the start, an introduction music will be audible. 
  • You have to guess the name of the song. 
  • For right guess, you will earn points and for wrong ones you get hints. 

Herdle Wordle Game play

Herdle game is all about music. The songs that come during the game are chosen from the World’s most played songs, and hence they are generic for all the countries. This game is perfect for music lovers. The method method to play this game is that you should listen to the song as much as possible until you guess because there is no limitation on listening the song for a number of times. 

The gameplay is easy and exciting and even if you guess the wrong song, you get a hint. We recommend you to try Herdle Wordle Game, you will definitely enjoy the game. 

Tips and tricks

The game is not that tough, you can keep on listening to the songs bit and try to guess yourself what the song name is and even if you fail, you will get hints with improper answers. If you are into music, then you would get the songs as all the songs are most played songs in the world. 

The basic trick of the game is that you should use as many vowels as possible while guessing the song name. 

Point system

Herdle Wordle Game gives you a hint after every wrong guess and hence you don’t have to worry about not getting the song in the first attempt. The only benefit of guessing in the first attempt is that you get more points and later the points decrease with the number of attempts increasing. So hurry up and try yourself. 

If you want to try this game and know more, please visit this link and play the game. 


With the increasing popularity of the Wordle game, all the new copies similar to the original game have been coming up. The musical version of the game has hopped on ladder of popularity in less time. 

Herdle Wordle Game  has become the new favorite in the line. In this article we have spoken about the gameplay of this game. 

Did you like the information in this article? Please share your notions regarding the same. 

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