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Henry Choate Lynching: Is He Filmed Music Video in Maury County Courthouse? Know Trending Details Here!

The article highlights the connection related to Henry Choate Lynching news along with Jason Aldean’s new music video release.

Do you know why Jason Aldean’s music video received backlash from people? Do you know how Jason connects with Henry Choate? If not, then this article will provide you with the entire details. People from the United States and Canada criticized the new music video as it connected with Henry’s lynching in 1927.

The article will explain Henry Choate Lynching and how people killed him. Stay tuned to know more.


Disclaimer: We do not provide any damaging information nor support any violence. We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the news.

What happened with Henry Choate?

Henry was held guilty of attacking a 16-year-old girl in Columbia, Tennessee. The armed mob kidnapped him from jail in 1927, and around 350 white men dragged him from the back of a car and lynched him. The mob punished him over the allegation, but he denied it. The victim girl could not identify Henry, and she confessed to saving his life.

Details on Henry Choate Maury County

After so many years, Jason filmed the music video try that in a small town at the Maury County courthouse at the site of Henry’s lynching. The music video shows a large US flag in the same place where they held Henry, but after several criticisms, he removed the footage.

Maury County Courthouse Incident 

After the music video received backlash and Jason was held guilty, he responded to the allegations that such references were not only merit list but also very dangerous. He further said that no lyric in this song references any race, and he has not even used actual news footage. People can use their speculations as they wish, but this allegation has gone too far.

Why did Jason Aldean’s music video receive backlash?

The music video is taken from the news footage of Henry Choate Lynching, which did not go down well with several viewers. Some even demand to remove the video from the online platforms.

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The mob lynching of Henry was one of the most talked about topics in 1927, and Jason’s music has revived the memories as he has used the same site to record his music. The video even seems to be taken from the actual footage. 

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Henry Choate Lynching-FAQs

Q1. How did Henry Choate die?

350 White men lynched him.

Q2. When did the incident happen?

The incident happened in November 1927.

Q3. Why did Henry Choate suddenly come under discussion?

The music video shows the same site as Henry’s lynching. 

Q4. What is the people’s reaction?

They are not happy with the video.

Q5. What are the allegations made against Jason?

People said that he used duplicate news footage in his video.

Q6. Did Jason release any statement?


Q7. How did Jason respond to the allegations?

He said that these allegations were powerful and dangerous.

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