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Heather Armstrong Obituary: Who Was Heather Armstrong? How Did She Die? Also Explore Details On Dooce Death, And Her Instagram Account

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Death of Heather Armstrong

Heather Armstrong was 47 years old blogger who contributed to the transformation of women’s media and the alteration of the perception of motherhood. Her maiden name was Heather Hamilton, and she got the title of Armstrong after marrying Jon Armstrong. Jon was also a business partner of Heather. As per sources, later Heather divorced her husband, Jon, and started a relationship with Pete Ashdown. Heather has two children with her former husband, Jon. She was one of the most popular mommy bloggers and wrote frankly about her children. She started her site in 2001, which became a lucrative career. According to her boyfriend, she committed Suicide. Dooce Death has also become probable after the end of Heather.

About has made her famous, where she wrote many things related to her personal life. On this site, she wrote about her children, her relationships, and other unique challenges. Heather started her blogging journey when personal blogs were on the rise. Now, people are under suspicion that her site will also end. This site has made her famous. Despite going through many breakdowns, she also made her blogging a successful career. She divorced her former husband in 2012. Heather also became the most influential woman in the media.

Heather Armstrong Obituary

Heather’s death shocked everyone. She inspired many other women by her success. But, her sudden untimely demise has left everyone shocked and saddened. Heather and Pete have been in a relationship for six years. They live together with the children of Armstrong. 19-year-old Leta and 13 years old Marlo lived together with Pete and Heather. According to the statement of Pete, Heather had been sober for more than 18 months, and she had recently relapsed. She also gave some posts about her victory over drinking. She had raw posts starting from her pregnancy to parenting. According to Pete, Heather committed Suicide as some changes were noticed in her personality.

Struggle Faced by Heather

Heather expressed her grief about being left alone in one of her posts. No one was there besides her. She boasted of her six months of sobriety. She had no one in her life to understand her victory. Although grief submerged her, she still kept going. Even she found it hard to breathe for a few hours. She expressed how a blog emerged as one of the mediums to share her though with her friends who live far away. Her friends grew to a thousand within a year. She wrote many personal things on her blog. Starting from relationship to pregnancy, she covered everything. Since she is Dead now, people are going through her posts again.

About the Early Life of Heather

Heather was born on July 19, 1975. She grew up in Memphis. She attended Brigham Young University in Provo. She majored in English, graduated in 1997, and moved to Los Angeles for work. Later, she married a web designer named Jon Armstrong and returned to Salt Lake City. She started the blog Dooce in 2001. Most of the time, she wrote about her personal life. Even she also wrote about the cruel behavior of her boss. When her boss found her site and found her writing, she was fired.

Along with continuing her blog, she was active on her Instagram account. Her death has grabbed people’s attention, and some of her posts are going viral. People want to know the real reason for her death.

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Heather found a successful blogging site after going through a lot. Although she wrote about her personal and professional life, people loved her posts. Now, people doubt that her site will also end after her death. To know more, please visit the link

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Heather Armstrong Obituary-FAQs

1. How old was Heather?


2. Who was her former husband?

Jon Armstrong.

3. How many children did she have?


4. In which year did she start blogging?

In 2001.

5. In which year did she divorce her former husband?

In 2012.

6. With who was she in a relationship after her divorce?

Pete Ashdown.

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