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Healy Matty Ex Girlfriend: Who Is Matty Healy? Explore Full Information On Matty Healy and Fka Twigs

This article provides details on Healy Matty Ex Girlfriend and their relationship duration and more.

Who is Matty Healy? Who is Matty Healy’s girlfriend? Is Matty separated from his ex-girlfriend? Matty Healy’s ex-girlfriend allegedly blindsided Taylor Swift last weeks after their breakup. Their breakup news went viral on social media. Netizens from the United States, Philippinesand other countries are surfing and are curious to know more about it. Read Healy Matty Ex Girlfriend article to get detailed information about Matty Healy and his Girlfriend.


Matty Healy Girlfriend

As per sources, Matty Healy allegedly ghosted Meredith Mickelson, his ex-girlfriend, before his romance with Taylor Swift. This flicker news started picking up vapor in social media.

According to recent news reports, Meredith Mickelson expressed her thoughts to her friends as she treated Matty Healy better than him. 

The frontman, 34, was still in connection with Meredith Mickelson. He spent moderately a few days with Meredith at a recording studio located in Los Angeles. He worked with Taylor Swift. 

Matty Healy and FKA Twigs

Matty Healy and FKA Twigs, the singer and songwriter. Her real name is Tahliah Barnett. She dated Matty Healy from 2020 to 2022. They even made things on social media, Instagram’s official page, and started their relationship.

FKA Twigs and Matty Healy separated after the lockdowns. They both were taken on different work commitments, and paths got in their way. However, Meredith Mickelson had no evidence of Matty and Taylor’s growing closeness.

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Matty Healy Islamaphobic

Healy Matty is the main singer of popular Manchester in the United Kingdom. In 1975 Matty was the lead singer in a pop-rock band. Matty Healy has long been irresponsible in his involvement and promotion of his brand of scepticism. As per sources, Matty’s back is fundamentally railing against Islam. And also, he is against any organized religion. 

Matty Healy Controversy

Taylor Swift and Matty’s controversial news went viral on social media. Taylor Swift supporters make a filament of Healy’s controversy. 

On 5th May 2023, the relationship of news of Matty Healy and Taylor Swift emerged as many summaries took action to call out Healy’s preceding actions. A summaries account from Twitter as @antiheroandie user made thread as Healy Matty being islamophobic, racist, and inclusive piece of shit. 

The threads about Matty’s tweets and videos are deleted on Twitter doing a Nazi salutation in January at a 1975 performance.

Who is Healy Matty Ex Girlfriend?

Matty Healy is not only had a relationship with FKA Twigs. As pwer sources, he had many girlfriends throughout his life. Recently he has been dating Taylor Swift. She is a new girlfriend of Matty Healy.

Here you can get the details of Matty Healy’s  Ex-girlfriends and how long he had a relationship with them.

Matty Healy’s relationship history

In 2014, Matty Healy was linked to Aliana Lohan. She is the younger sister of Lindsay Lohan. Matty and Ali’s relationship was not ever confirmed. But they both were linked in 2014. Continue reading the article until the end to get more details about Healy Matty Ex Girlfriend‘s list.

In 2015, Matty Healy and Halsey were temporarily linked. Hasley was reportedly spotted at one of the assembly’s concerts. Later, her fans rumored that she performed Matty Halsey’s  song Colors. 

From 2015 to 2019 four years Matty Healy had a relationship with Gabriella Brooks. Gabriella Brooks is a model. The pair seemingly ended their relationship because of their different lifestyles. After that, Matty Healy had a relationship with FKA Twigs for two years, from 2020 to 2022. Their relationship came to an end after international lockdowns.

Healy Matty Ex Girlfriend

Recently Matty Healy allegedly dated Meredith Mickelson for past over a month. Matty Healy was allegedly dating model Meredith Mickelson weeks before in LA. 

On 3rd May, the 1975’s frontman Matty and Taylor Swift were dating. They both have allegedly been socializing for a few weeks. They have known each other for about 10 years.

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Matty Healy allegedly ghosted his ex-girlfriend, making his unproven romance with Taylor Swift news controversial on social media. Matty Healy, the 1975’s frontman, is recently in a relationship with Taylor Swift. Click the link to know more.

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Healy Matty Ex-Girlfriend: FAQ

Q1. Who is Matty Healy?

The 1975 frontman

Q2. Who is Healy’s Ex-girlfriend?

Meredith Mickelson

Q3. Currently, Healy is in a relationship with whom?

Taylor Swift.

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