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HDb Parking Scam: How to Appeal for Renewal? Get Details on App for Season Parking Hotline!

Read the latest facts on HDb Parking Scam, and process to get renewal on parking and documents require for it.

Did you hear about this parking scam? This scam was reported in Singapore, and authorities have taken action on it. Through this parking scam, many people have lost thousands of dollars.

This scam has cheated many citizens of the nation. Here, we will study in detail about Hdb Parking ScamSo, continue to read the following point.

Disclaimer- We intend to create awareness about online fraud among our readers rather than promote fraudulent activity.

Get details on the Hdb Parking scam here-

It is a scam in which vehicle drivers get messages that they did not pay parking fees; this fake message mentions that it was sent by HDb, making money.

When this scam reported a statement posted by HBD Through social media on its Facebook page late on Monday Sept. 11, HDB responded to the query: “We are aware of a post on social media which stated that a letter warning a driver of overdue parking costs, is a fraud.

What is the Hdb Parking App?

There are no aerial barriers in the latest parked system. When a car pulls into the parking lot, the system recognizes it and starts the parked session through an app. Drivers can refrain from actively engaging the app or remembering to fill up their payment cards when they depart because parking fees are gathered in the background.

The authorities have posted This scam detail on Reddit to create awareness among the country’s citizens. We found many of the comments from viewers with more information.

To know about the Hdb Season Parking Hotline and its benefits-

If you have a current season parking permit, you can park in any of the HDB parking groups’ lots whenever you want. Long-term parking is marketed under season parking and is priced per calendar month. Parking spaces are distributed in high-capacity parking lots based on priority.

Logging into the official HDB Page will allow you to verify the legitimacy of your season parking and the parking lots you may use. If your desired parking spot is filled, you can search for alternative lots in the same HDB parking group to park at.

How can you appeal for an Hdb Parking Appeal offence?

Only file an appeal if you are certain that the fine was applied incorrectly. If you decide to appeal, you must include enough documentary evidence to back up your justification, complete information and notice number.

What are the required documents to file a parking appeal offence?

For a parking infraction notice, medical records, reports, and time-stamped invoices for repairs or towing

When contesting a matter in court based on financial hardship, provide your CPF contribution statement. 

Debts from overdue HDB mortgages, utility obligations owed by Singapore Power Services, obligations owed to the Town Council, payment schedules offered by other organizations, and additional support proofs.

The procedure of Hdb Parking Renewal– 

Any of the following ways may be used to renew your season parking-

  • GIRO programme – The GIRO system is a convenient cashless payment method that periodically extends your season parking. You will get a 2% refund under the GIRO Scheme for every successful transaction.
  • According to the RPCC plan, season parking fees will be paid to the credit card on the 18th of every month for the season parking for the next month. 
  • Using Mobile@HDB, you can quickly extend your season parking. Use the App Store to download the application.
  • Play Store for Android.
  • Using AXS payment methods, you may extend your season parking. Also, remember to read about Credit Card Scams

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We have discovered all the details related to the Hdb Parking Scamand authorities have taken action on this scam and warned people.

Would you like to read this kind of scammed news? Tell us in the comment section. And, read safety tips against PayPal scams. 

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