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{Updated} Hazelbrook Middle School Oregon: More Clarity On Fight Attack, Find Here!

This article will briefly explain the Hazelbrook Middle School Oregon incident along with its Fight Attack details.

Did you see the Hazelbrook attack video? A video from Hazelbrook has started a controversial topic on social media. People from the United States and all around the globe are shocked and disappointed in the school. Keep reading the article till the last to uncover your curiosity about Hazelbrook Middle School Oregon Incident.

Why is the Hazelbrook Middle School Oregon video going viral?

The video clip from Oregon Public School is going viral on various social networking sites because of the brutal fight that happened inside the school premises. A student beat a female student badly in front of many other students without getting feared by any school authorities or further actions.

All the things that happened at Hazelbrook Middle School Fight were recorded by a student who seemed to know that this fight was going to happen and was ready with his phone to record the incident. It is assumed that the same boy uploaded the video online. It happened in front of many students, but no one tried to help her.

How did the Hazelbrook Middle School Attack get started?

The girl was walking in the hallway with her other two friends when suddenly, a Trans male pulled her and slammed her into the ground. He pulled her with her hair and swung the victim with her hair. Then he punched her on both of her shoulders and then pushed and walked over her,

After the Hazelbrook Middle School Attack, the victim tried to collect her bag, which was lying on the ground with her. She tried to stand up and was crying with pain. Later, she told the students that she was not able to breathe, and the video got cut. During the video, all the students were watching the fight without helping her.

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Action against Hazelbrook Middle School Fight

After the video was posted on the internet and was seen by many people, people demanded police take strict action on this matter. Later, school officials confirmed that the culprit was under criminal investigation and was arrested with assault charges. Now, the case is transferred to the Juvenile Department of Washington Country.

After the Hazelbrook Middle School Fight video went viral, people observed that it was a pre-planned attack. Now, school is hiring more counselors and precautions for the safety of the campus and their students. The school started a meeting with parents against the no-phone policy, and soon they might implement it, but now the victim’s friends and family want justice for her.

Mother’s statement to the Hazelbrook Middle School Attack?

Mother posted a post on the internet where she seemed furious at the culprit, and She said she wanted answers as to why there was no security in the hallway. She stated that she would take legal action against the school if they did not look into this matter and provide justice to her daughter.

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The Hazelbrook Middle School Attack has become a trending topic on Twitter. Police are still investigating and seem to take strict action against the culprit.

Do you think the poor girl would get justice as it was a case of juvenile? Comment your thoughts in the below section.

Disclaimer- We do not promote any violent activity or target any specific gender. The only intent of this article is to share information with the readers.

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