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[Updated] Haze Piece Code: Details On Wiki, Fruits, Roblox, Script Of Game

Get to know Haze Piece Code, Script, and Fruit. Is there any Discord and Roblox community?

What is Haze Piece? What is Haze Piece Code 2023 September? What are the active codes for Haze Piece? Is this game on Roblox? What are Fruits in this game? What is the script of this game? Players from Worldwide want to know many details about this game. Let us dive into the article and know everything.

Haze Piece Code

Haze Piece is a game present on Roblox, which is also known as Gear 4. Players are searching for the active codes for September month. The codes are present below:

  • 145KLIKESFORNEXT – This code will provide you with 15 gems, a stat refund, and 4 race spins.
  • GROUPONLY – This Haze Piece Codes will provide 10 thousand cash.
  • 160KLIKESFORNEXT: This code is for 15 gems, 3 race spins, and a stat refund. 
  • WOWZERS125K – It will also provide 15 gems, 3 race spins, and a stat refund. 
  • FREEX2EXP – This will double the player’s EXP for an hour. 

These are the few active codes. 

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Details About Haze Piece Fruits

This game has evolved from the famous play ‘One Piece.’ This game has different fruits for different actions. There are categories of other fruits, such as;

  • Super Fruit Tier: Gravity Fruits, Light Fruits, Electric Fruits and Ice Fruits. We have extracted these details from the Haze Piece Wiki.
  • Killer Fruit Tier: Sand Fruit, Snow Fruit, Tremor, Buddha, Bomb, Magma, Barrier Fruit, Chop Fruit, etc.   
  • Worthless Tier: Klio Fruit, Clear Fruit, and Spin Fruit.
  • Average Fruit Tier: Pop Fruit, Spike Fruit, Smoke Fruit and Operation Fruit. 
  • Devil Fruits are also there.

These fruit tires indicate their fatality rate.

Haze Piece Roblox & More

The Holy Developer Council has developed this game, and the age restriction says the game is for kids above the age of 9 years. It was created in June 2021 and recently updated on 23rd September 2023. Haze Piece has more than 26 million visits, and the Haze Piece Script game has more than 150,000 people who have their favorite listed in this game. 

They have 12 server sizes and 9188 active players. The game’s genre is adventure, and it says that the game has mild violence and crude humor. This game is compatible with Xbox and for mobile play as well. 

Additional Haze Piece Roblox Details 

The game has 25 fruits, and there are some things known as fruit spawn, Despawn. They also have a VIP server for Fruit Spawn, but limited to only five. If you have to get Conq Haki, get it from the D. Clan. 

Is the Haze Piece Discord Page Available & Social-Media?

They have 289.7 thousand followers.

Haze Studios has 244 thousand subscribers. 

They have more than 100,000 members. 

All these accounts do not have any verification, so we presented the accounts that were top in the search results with thousands of followers. Haze Piece Wiki has been helpful in picking all the authentic details about the game.


The article has discussed the active codes of September 2023 for the game ‘Haze Piece’ also known as Gear 4. This game is trending on social media because the developers have very recently updated it. The has Haze Piece Fruits, which provides energy and skills. This game is said to have been adapted from the One Piece game. For more details on the Haze Piece game, click here.

Have you played the Haze piece? Let us know your views through comments if you have read this article on Haze Piece Codes.

Disclaimer: We have provided filtered details on the topic. 

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