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Harvinder Dhami Funeral: Checkout Constable Obituary & Rcmp Here!

This write-up about Harvinder Dhami Funeral informs viewers about the funeral of a constable who died on duty and was given recognition through honored services.

Was the funeral of Harvinder Dhami conducted with complete honor? Where was Harvinder Dhami’s funeral conducted? Did he die on duty? Many individuals in Canada and other global places are coming up with queries.  

As per reports, Const. Harvinder Singh Dhami died on duty while responding to the complaint. People and government officials honored him, and his funeral was done with complete respect. So, let us read more about Harvinder Dhami Funeral in this guide.



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How was the funeral of Harvinder Singh conducted?

An official from Alberta who lost his life in an on-the-job accident this past week was recognized at a regimental funeral witnessed by dozens of other personnel, family members and close friends.

In the Strathcona County detachment’s Edmonton East, Const. Harvinder Singh Dhami passed away in the early morning of April 10, 2023, while heading to assist other law enforcement personnel with a noise issue complaint.

When was Rcmp Harvinder Singh Dhami’s funeral?

Police officer Harvinder Singh Dhami passed away while attending to a noise complaint. On Thursday, April 20, 2023, in Sherwood Park, officials participated in the funeral parade accompanying the hearse for Const. Harvinder Singh Dhami. 

A white hearse pulled Dhami’s coffin, draped in the flag of the Canadian region, to a recreational complex. At the same time, scores of mourners queued Sherwood Park’s street ahead of the cremation ceremony.

How did Const. Harvinder Singh Dhami die?

Const. Dhami was Strathcona County’s detachment member and perished after driving to help fellow officers with a noise complaint. According to the agency, Dhami’s car slipped control and collided with a sizable cement barrier east of Edmonton Road, Sherwood Park’s northeast.

Yaremchuk Cheryl, positioned near the procession’s path, declared they were there to support the deceased official.

How did his wife give Obituary?

Ravinder Dhami Randhawa, Const. Harvinder Singh Dhami’s widow remarked that he was her individual while trying to control her tears. She added that her husband was the most optimistic, generous, and giving individual.

Ravinder Dhami Randhawa described the moment she learned of the passing of her spouse as a horrible experience during her tribute. She mentioned that the taps on the front door startled her out of sleep and will always haunt her since she spent twelve years with her husband.

She added that ever since she first met her husband, he has made her believe she is secure and guarded. This protection was not because he was an official but because he was Harvey. 

What were Constable Harvinder Dhami’s previous recognitions?

Harvinder had spent three years volunteering in Brampton, Ontario, giving meals to senior Punjabi citizens. He was honored by the victim services of Strathcona County in January 2021 for understanding the importance of post-incident assistance and letting victims learn about them.

The last time Gurvinder Dhami, the Const. of Peel Regional Police, who resides in Toronto West, discussed his younger brother, Harvinder Dhami, in public was in his best man’s speech.

Additional details of Const. Harvinder Dhami Funeral services:

A service was conducted at the Millennium Place leisure center following a procession for the deceased that ended at Bethel Lutheran Church and began at 10:00 a.m. in Sherwood Park.

The route to the funeral procession was lined up with officers and members of the general populace who wished to pay their last tribute to the officer. RCMP mentioned that the funeral services would only be attended by invited first responders, family members, and friends.

Quick wiki of Harvinder Dhami:

  • Real name- Harvinder Singh Dhami
  • Fondly called- Harvey
  • Age 32 years
  • Profession- Constable 
  • Wife- Ravinder Dhami Randhawa
  • Date of death- April 10, 2023
  • Date of the funeral- April 20, 2023

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Const. Harvinder Singh Dhami, who died on duty, was recently given regimental funeral services. His services were recognized by many individuals, including his wife, brother, friends, and family members.

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Harvinder Dhami Funeral: FAQs

Q1. Who was Harvinder Dhami?


Q2. Where was Harvinder Singh’s first posting?

 Strathcona County

Q3. When did Harvinder Dhami complete his graduation?


Q4. Where was Harvinder Singh’s funeral conducted?

Bethel Lutheran Church

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