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The followers and fans of Harta Demencia are worried about his health as he was attacked recently. The video of the attack circulated on social media attracted the attention of Worldwide viewers. When did the incident take place? What was the location? Who were the assassins? What happened to Harta Demencia? Where can the viewers find the footage of the attack on Demencia? 

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About the location:

Joel Eliseo Duarte is the birth name of Harta Demencia. He is also famous as – Fed Up Dementia. Demencia had dedicated his time to serving people addicted to Cannabis, chemicals, and substances used to reach the feeling of happiness, excitement, and high.

To help addicted people, a small pucca house with tin roofing was allocated. Homeless people were also allowed to stay in the house. The news about the attack on Demencia was discussed on a few blogs. However, its video did not go Viral On Reddit. The house is known as a rehabilitation clinic in Nueva Prosperina, which is located in northwest Guayaquil. 

Video content:

Demencia was in the rehabilitation center early on Friday, the 24th February 2023. The video of the incident was taken by one of the five assassins who came on the bike. Two of them used heavy hammers to break the front tin door. They were wearing shorts, black and red t-shirts.

They entered the first room, which was empty. On Tiktok, the video received 21,799+ likes and 18,69,656+ views. They broke the second tin door to enter the hallway and bedrooms. There was havoc after they entered the hallway and checked all the rooms. A few roommates hid under the bed. But they were pulled out and gathered in room.

The hitmen asked the victims to lie down facing the ground. There were eight victims seen in the video. Among them was Demencia. On Youtube, eight videos were present, including reviews and news about the incident. He was lying between five other victims at the center and wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans. Initially, in the video, viewers are unable to see his face.

The video is 00:03:32 minutes long and 124 MB in size. The video was taken from a low-resolution mobile camera held in portal mode. After 00:02:12 seconds, the killers opened fire on six people lying on the bed. On Instagramno videos related to the attack on Demencia were found. There were 30 to 33 rounds of fire heard in the video. 

After the firing (00:02:31 minutes), the assassins ran out, started their bikes, and left. People in the rehabilitation center took the second part of the video. From 00:02:52 minutes in the video, four people were shown dead. 

Demencia survived the attack and lay on the floor, unable to move. The video showed blood flowing from his mouth. At the same time, the room bedsheets were covered in blood. As Telegram is a private messaging group, the presence/circulation of video related to the attack on Demencia is undetermined. The video is disturbing and not advisable for viewership.

Social media links:


Mini video clips ranging from eleven to fifteen seconds and between 6.43 MB to 8.77 MB were found on social media. In contrast, the full video is available on a few websites. Demencia was admitted to the hospital. There were rumors about Demencia’s death. But, according to the latest updates, Demencia is slowly recovering! Please remember Demencia in your prayers.

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Harta Demencia Video Twitter – FAQ

1Q. Where is the full video of the attack available?


2Q. How many people were injured in the attack on the rehabilitation center?

Two people were severely injured and admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

3Q. Who is anticipated to be the primary target of the rehabilitation center attack?

The anticipated target was Harta Demencia.   

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