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Harmful Company Roblox: Check Complete Details On Game And Wiki

Check the details of Harmful Company Roblox, Wiki, how to play, controls, and more in this post.

Have you heard of Roblox Harmful Company? What is this Roblox game about, and who developed this game? Players from the Philippines, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom who are unaware of this game are searching for related information. Let us discuss the Harmful Company Roblox in more detail. 

When was the Harmful Company Roblox launched?

Harmful Company, a Sci-Fi Roblox game, was created by @somerandomwomanguy1 on 29 September 2023. It recently got its update on 28 December 2023. The game has more than three thousand active players, while 26 thousand+ people made it their favorite Roblox game.  

Harmful Company has 1.8M+ visits till now. Players can communicate using a microphone while playing the game. Harmful Company is a fan game about horror adventure, and the one who played recommended playing the game.

Harmful Company Roblox Wiki:

Check out a quick Wiki of the Harmful Company game here:

Developer: @somerandomwomanguy1

Genre: Sci-Fi, horror, adventure, lethal

Created on: 29 September 2023

Updated on: 28 December 2023

Who can play this game: Suitable for all age players

Visits: 1,8M+

What are the controls used in the Harmful Company Roblox game?

After searching Harmful Company Roblox Wiki, we can find the following controls used in the game:

  • [W A S D] to move in directions, or you can navigate by using a thumb stick.
  • [1 2 3 4] to select items in the hot bar.
  • [C] Holding C will help you crouch, or you can crouch by using the command Crouch on the display.
  • Left+ Shift to Run, or you can Run by using the command Run on the screen.
  • Right Mouse Button to scan the surroundings
  • Left Mouse Button to interact with the items
  • [G] to hold items
  • [M] You can press M to unlock the mouse.

Harmful Company Roblox– how to play guide:

Your terrifying cooperative horror journey across space begins when you start the game. You can either play solo or with a group of up to four players when you plunder deserted moons in search of precious scraps. But take caution because evil bodies lurk to attack.

Cooperate to gather leftovers and defeat sly creatures. Players need to work together with the team to reach the Company’s quota and optimize profits. Players can return to sell their loot or explore another moon to find more. But make sure to do everything before the clock is running out.

While playing Harmful Company Robloxlose yourself in eerie sounds and sights. The decomposing locations of the moons are tense with every groan. Every choice you make counts in just three days to reach your goal. Players can try their luck for a smaller payout or be cautious.

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Is there any pass available for the game?

Is there any pass available for the game

A pass for 169 is available, and you will be considered a special worker after acquiring this pass. The rewards for this have been increased by 1.5 times. Additionally, you will be added to a unique black business suit and a fedora hat.


Are you looking for something interesting to play? The Roblox game Harmful Company is filled with fun, thrill, and horror. We have discussed Harmful Company Roblox Wiki, how to play the game, Wiki, and controls in the game. You can check the noob to beginner guide for the Harmful Company game here.

Can you make it through the night and meet your quota in the Harmful Company game? Do comment.

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